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  1. Afaik, it should take 20mm buckle( i mean the leather strap) so it's 28 by 20 mm, regular length is 115/75.
  2. Pm me the name and id of the member and picture of the strap so that i could check my records to see what model was that strap made for.
  3. I though i'd share this with you since this proved to be a very useful info for many people. I'm constantly getting pms asking what size is the strap for model z,y,x; will a strap x fit a watch y; will the diver buckle fit 44mm ROO strap and so on, so i decided to write a small memo. Diver strap (all divers from v2 onwards, including FC, Ceramic, QEII and fantasies) : width at the case is 28, taper to 24 at the buckle has oblong holes for the pin of about 7.5mm each. Noob and JF diver straps are interchangeable. Regular length is 115/75, XS 105/65 42mm noob straps: width at the case is 28 and then tapers to 18mm at the buckle (deployant) has round holes 2mm in diameter. Don't fit well on divers or Jf 42mm roos, so they are not interchangeable if you want a perfect fit. (isn't it the most important thing in a good strap ?) Regular length 105/70 novelty (SIHH 2014) 42mm from JF: width at the case 28, tapers to 20 at the buckle, has oblong holes for the buckle pin of about 5.5mm. So the buckle has the same style but it is narrower than diver buckle. 44mm ROOs(also schumis and GPs): width at the case is 30, tapers to 24, same buckle as the diver. Regular length - 115/75, XS 105/65 Feel free to add.
  4. Mo picchurs pls. Seriously it looks stunning, i really like this combo.
  5. I've registered quite some time ago but somehow i didn't spend much time here. Will do better from now on.
  6. Welcome to the forums SMP_lover :)

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