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  1. Let's make - Amer.. sorry - the SELs great again!

    I find you post very funny. Thanks! [emoji23]
  2. Rolex slim case 6204 submariner finally done !!!!

    Beautiful work, man. [emoji119]
  3. 1680 build happening need help!!

    Looks great, especially for $150
  4. JF Daytona

    I was referring to the model and build quality. I am impressed with what I have seen on the JF with the gen like case depth and the dial is surprisingly good too. I know there are multiple factories but I didn't know if these are essentially the same.
  5. JF Daytona

    I am after one to mod. Is the ZF Daytona on Trusty's site the same thing? http://www.trustytime01.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_6&products_id=14273
  6. Is this a Noob 114060 v6?

  7. Is this a Noob 114060 v6?

    Hello, can anyone tell if this is a Noob v6 sub? I have a local seller who is selling this. Thanks!
  8. Trusty's Vintage GMT 1675.

    Thanks, man. This is helpful.
  9. Trusty's Vintage GMT 1675.

    Anyone? Is this a good base for a build?
  10. Trusty's Vintage GMT 1675.

    Hey, everyone. What are your thoughts on this 1675? I see some good with this watch but the grown guards look bad. What are your thoughts?
  11. Turned out quite nice i think...

    This looks great. Where is the back story?
  12. Is this Rolex fake?

    So right. there was a place in my area that converted gen ss subs to two tones with bad aftermarket dials, bands, etc. I was hoping that the case was gen do bad I ignoring the obvious. Thanks everyone.
  13. Is this Rolex fake?

    Sorry to even post this. I had blinders on. I have a gen 76100 and thought the case was close but quickly realized all the many many flaws.
  14. Is this Rolex fake?

    I agree, man. I wanted it to be real to the point I started convincing myself there was a possibility. Too good of a deal usually means just that.
  15. Is this Rolex fake?

    Started looking at the pics closer and there is so much wrong with it. I'm surprised that the case is drilled.