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  1. Maybe the V8 with the deco myota is a better option i would add....
  2. +1 this would solve you problem . Now with the tip of a needle apply some superglue on the inside of the pusher and stick it back !
  3. Because the blue one is a closed caseback and limited edition ... the blue one you see would be fantasy for what maters . and ZF should be the best option so wait is what you need to do ...
  4. That does not look like deco plate... and this is not the Noob acc me thinking. first because they would be stupid to be on instagram to begin with... second is that in the pic you show later there is this AP SS that noob does not even produce... but deep im hoping to be WRONG i would love a deco plate PP movement !
  5. Dashboard and Steering says to me car is a VW Touareg , so car is worth at least 3x the watch ( if gen , than if rep you do the math ) but for this who dont VW does have some hell of expensive sedans like the vw phaeton ... the watch i hope its rep that would a reason more for me to buy it and combine it with my Smart 700cc
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