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  1. let us all recall that ted kennedy along with many other liberal innocents had recently been placed on the "no fly list" for suspected terrorist activity. I have little confidence in a bi-partisan anti-terrorism platform to be carried out within our own US borders until obama's cabinet takes over and literally decriminalizes our bureaucracy.
  2. all one needs to know about sarah palin is that 1) she wants creationism taught in public schools 2) she adamantly opposes a woman's right to abortion even after rape 3) she thinks homosexuality is a sin. If this appeals to any HIllary voters to an extent that they vote for McCain, i don't want those voters in my camp regardless of the loss. Hillary said it best at the convention when she exclaimed (i'm paraphrasing) "were you supporting just me, or are you supporting my mission?". In other words, are you voting for me just because i'm a woman or because you are in agreement with my plans? Good riddance to those women who can't even understand the question.
  3. pretty sure it is seconds at 12. the topic was discussed a couple months ago--just don't remember in what posts exactly...
  4. Angus has been selling AP's with seconds at 12 for months now... under the "SE" moniker for $498 (there are several): http://puretimewatch.com/index.php?productID=8
  5. big timmy russert dead. devastating to anyone who watched him even a few times. magnetic and supreme. no one will ever come close.
  6. I think Strat's point was that many of us could never pull off wearing even a 5K watch. For this reason there is certainly a good market for reps of $1500-$2500 watches. If the rep is good enough, why spend 2K when i can spend 200?
  7. Josh's site is showing this: http://www.pc-80108.com/0261-p-4663.html I'm hoping for these to come shortly: http://www.prestigetime.com/item.php?item_id=7533 http://www.prestigetime.com/item.php?item_id=7532 yes, the gens can be had for under 2k but super nice...
  8. Not to discount that his QC is certainly less than the best, but I'd like to chime in here with a very positive report on my experience with DSN. Received my 240 only 5 days after ordering it and it was gorgeous out of the box. Yes there are some minor inaccuracies like the cannon pin not being quite flush and smooth like the gen, but that is a flaw only a dealer MIGHTdetect. Apart from that, the fit and finish are phenomenal. The watch does require a bit of personalized modding attention. i flushed the CG to the case using the excellent tutorial found on Darkside, and this worked like a charm. I also filed the insides of the lever to smooth it out and applied glue to the inside of the pin (which i filed down to look just like the gen as well), filed down the top of the CG to sit flush with the contour of the case and give it that nice downward slope away from the case. The dial is stunning, the date font is perfect, the lume is far better than passable (mere sunlight hitting it makes it glow like a torch when you go inside) and DSN should be commended for his willingness to tackle these watches that no other maker or dealer will approach. To get the strength of lume we get from his sausage dials is unatainable from any other dealer short of modding for much more cash. I say bravo for this offering and i'll be ordering more from him in the future. I've owned TWP, Josh and Angus PAMs and this piece has 5 times more of a gen feel than any of those pieces did. Pics to come in a few days.
  9. what bugs me is that the dial numbers are done correctly, but they can't do the sandwich luminor marina dials correctly!!
  10. folks, check out Narika's offering of a 292 blackseal ceramic (version on the left in pic). it has a correct number 2 for this model, correct fonts (letter "A"), along with closed caseback and matted PVD finish. only problem is the low cannon pin which can be swapped, but this may be the opportunity we have all been waiting for--a near perfect PAM!!!! thoughts??? http://www.replica-watch.info/phpBB3/viewt...=17&t=39645
  11. that pam from PC (josh) has mineral glass. try Narikaa for his newest 292 (one on the left in the pic). has correct "2" and matted PVD finish to look like gen ceramic. very convincing except for the lowish cannon pin which can be swapped for cheap. plus, this watch has Sapphire with AR (the ad says). If you get it relumed and fix the cannon pin, this may be the best Panerai rep in existence. He wants 85 GBP for it (about $160 U.S.) http://www.replica-watch.info/phpBB3/viewt...=17&t=39645
  12. the gen looks to have black hands--can anyone confirm or dispute this? also, the e,w,n,s on the bezel of the gen look to be way more sharp and clean than what josh is showing on his site, although this would be tolerated. finally, the crown is off (surprise!). if the hands are correct on the rep, this looks pretty darn good. with a crown replacement, the arktos would be just about spot on.
  13. Also interested in buying manual ss!! if available, please update us on the details.
  14. um... http://puretimewatch.com/index.php?productID=7
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