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  1. Gen wristies

    Couldn't afford an Autodromo Prototipo, so I got a cheaper knockoff. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  2. Wristies 15th June

  3. Wristies 15th June

    Alright picture taken through tapatalk. Galaxy S6. Rotates every damn time. Any suggestions?
  4. 30 Apr holiday eve wrist shot

    I cannot get a picture to correctly orient.
  5. Wristcheck Monday 21st of June

    Love this watch. I give up. Every pic I post rotates to the left.
  6. Newb Strap Size Question

    Thanks so much.
  7. Thursday 17th wrist check

    My first rep ever from Andrew.
  8. Got my first order from Andrew. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5. I'd like to order a black rubber strap. How do I determine the strap size? The gen is 21mm, safe to assume it's the same for the rep? Thanks. p.s. any good place to order a strap?
  9. QC Pic Question

    One last question, in the QC email I was asked to NOT share these pics on forums or with anyone else. I'd like to post them, but is it kosher to do so or not? Thanks.
  10. QC Pic Question

    Great. Thanks guys.
  11. QC Pic Question

    Just checked all my folders and the pics aren't there. Emailed him and asked about the pics. Guess it's too late now anyway. Also, got an email saying it was shipped EMS, then another email saying mailed UPS. Maybe UPS farms out some shipments to EMS? I should probably relax.
  12. QC Pic Question

    Ordered my first "ever" replica purchase yesterday. Got an email today that it was shipped from Andrew. I never received the QC pics before it was shipped. In your experience is this a big deal? I don't think it is, but I've never bought a rep before. Thanks.
  13. Welcome to the forums herdpm :)