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  1. The crown seems a little proud to me ?
  2. I have searched forums but cant seem to find a dedicated guide to the general tell tale signs on spotting a rep?? Can anyone help?
  3. F**K !!! lol That'll be 17cm's
  4. So my mate reckons his PAM00098 is real and the mech alarm works but there is no way he would buy a real one he is so tight!!! I HAVE to find out what he has done. Are there others that could be passed off to a non-expert (like me) as a 098? Are there any reps with the mechanical alarm working?? I MUST work out what he has done cos I know one thing he has not shelled out for a real one!!! Any help appreciated. PS: What started out as a mission to find a 098 has got me hooked and I am close to ordering a 111H
  5. Cableguy, I am right with you here, exactly the same situation. I am after a silver coloured plain Panny with a classy look (not over the top) and only have 17" wrists. Will piggy back your advice received
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