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  1. Happy Birthday cableguy!

  2. Thanks for the deal on the 6263 Daytona!

  3. I know there are those of you who are against using them, but those of you who do, what watch winder (brand, ebay, acetimer etc) are you using? Pics are appreciated as well as prices. I think I want a new piano black at least 6 watch winder. I currently have a quad which holds my watches but my woman's datejust doesnt have a space for it. Shes not happy that she has to reset it if she doesnt wear it for a day or so.
  4. Very nice choice. Its very classy. Great pictures too! Welcome to RWG
  5. I use 1 watch when I travel. My white dialed Explorer II. I love the fact that I can keep track of Hawaii time vs where I'm at. (Japan, Canada, Paris, NYC) It allows me to call home and not call them at 3am accidently. :-) I dont think it really hinders the ability to adjust to the timezone difference. For instance it was 12 hours difference while we were in Paris a week ago. After the 2nd day I was on Paris time, I think the fact that the sun went down at 10PM everynight was more confusing than having the watch tell me the time was 10am in Hawaii. In fact I love the watch's GMT feature so much I'm strongly considering it to be my 1st genuine purchase, more so than a Submariner.
  6. thanks for all the replies....i guess ill hold off on getting one. I dont really feel like spending 300 on a paper weight.
  7. I really want a 2001 Sec @ 6 model, but as we all know, they are known to be time bombs. I just was curious to see how many people have this watch and how long its lasted you.
  8. Haha, Thanks Bro...I'll keep that in mind. My own personal strong arm
  9. R - True that, my friend is a postal worker locally and he does 2 routes himself some days....its kinda rough. Actually I moved, I'm up in Central Oahu now. =)
  10. Thanks R and Krusty....I want it to hurry and get there so Rob can work his magic
  11. it shows it was in and out of customs 2 days and now says "item processed at postal facility" I hope they didnt lose it.
  12. R, You really make me want one of these!!
  13. watchmaterial.com is where u can get the almost gen like pearl. is the whole watch polished?
  14. wow nice review R!! I cant wait to get my 7750 serviced, just waiting for the months to pass by =) I wonder if they will ever do the seconds at 6 properly. If they do I'll finally be able to own a modern daytona!
  15. I've gone thru like only 15 total since i've registered here. I went a little nuts the 1st few months, and ended up selling a bunch of them Not as nuts as you thou Lani!
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