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  1. Stomper

    Seamaster Chrono - recent purchase

    It also has the crap clasp
  2. Stomper

    Chinanoobwatch.com SCAM

    Picked up this one from another forum, they advertise Swiss movements to justify their higher price, of course its not true. Guy who bought from them was lucky he got something reasonable rather than CanalStreet but he overpaid,
  3. Stomper

    Seamaster chrono 300M

    I have both (and the gen in titanium) I prefer the non red..be aware these things strip crown threads like mad..its an easy fix and the gen crown and tube wil set you back about 75 bucks..
  4. Stomper

    Breitling stem tube

    So much for the "expert " who told me that, thanks for the update
  5. Stomper

    Breitling stem tube

    I have heard that Breitling tubes are soldered in
  6. The Omega Seamaster 300 Chronograph is a great rep (3/6/9 subdial spacing) Some trusted dealers have it for $180, I paid that for mine used and am very pleased with it PM me for address for Adderall and Quaalude Rx!
  7. Stomper

    US members I need you help!

    Leo Try Dealextreme (no affiliation) They are in China, ship everywhere and have great prices on LED Bulbs
  8. Stomper

    A hilarious scam attempt on the bay!

    Since you are on trail I suggests you pleads the fifth
  9. Stomper

    Rep Seamaster Pro Chrono 2008

    I dont know what it is aboput Omegas, I love them but they are not as popular as Rolex/Breit etc Picked this one up here and am overjoyed with it...to say the least
  10. Stomper

    It's another ebay shocker

    Probably snuffed himself when he found out he laid out big bucks for a rep!!
  11. Looking for a movement ring/case holder for a Chrono Avenger If you have one, please pm me...if you know where i can source one, please pm me...
  12. Stomper

    Anyone Interested?

    Vlydog, PM me with details as I cant PM you
  13. Stomper

    My new Skyland Avenger Code Yellow

    Always check the rotor on Breits, have had three of them out of seven that were not tight and one that didnt have a screw in it at all!
  14. Stomper

    WM9 watchmaker9.tv is a scammer

    I dont know anything about BK/George but A friend of mine suggested this as he was in a similar circumstance Check the Federal Bureau of Prisons/US Marshal/State Prison website for him. A buddy of mine had someone disappear on him ...poof...he was gone...turns out he was picked up by Feds ..
  15. Stomper

    Breitling Skyland Avenger Blacksteel

    For a size up go with the Super Avenger Blacksteel..it makes the avenger look reasonable by comparison, I have a 8.75 inch wrist and prefer the Skyland over the super I have a few of these and most of them had noisy rotors, cured by lube..one had the rotor fall off, I opened it and never found the screw that holds the rotor/bearing....not sure one was there! replaced it and all is well