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  1. Hi and happy Easter guys. I am trying to find Bergies website? Does He still have it? The replicaplaza web page has been closed down by Burberry. Does he still have a web page? Thanks in advance?
  2. Thanks occb2. I will await his response eagerly yet patiently!
  3. Hi watcher. I sent him an email and I had an email the next day from him explaining the costs and what work he will do on a v6 sub for me etc.. I have replied saying I will have one but not heard anything back for a few days now?
  4. Hello. Can anyone kindly send me a link to some sort of dictionary or abbreviations list for the watch forums? I have done a search but can't seem to find one? I am sure one has probably been "stickyed" somewhere? Help kindly appreciated
  5. Hello. If you did want to sell, then I would be interested in the Maurice. Regards
  6. Thanks for the comments. Just waiting for a reply back from TC now.
  7. Hi Kevin. Welcome to the forum. I to am new and from the UK. I have been buying genuine watches for years.............I am now hunting for some top quality Tags, Rolex and Breitlings. Hows your search going? Any you would like to sell give me shout.
  8. Hello. Hows things? I see you are also from the UK. How do you find buying from TD's? Any to recommend as that Tag looks top notch!!
  9. Hello everyone. From hours of research I know that TC is a good respectable person to buy from who makes very high quality reps - I am probably being overly cautious but can anyone verify that this address tc670207@gmail.com is actually THE REAL TC? I was thinking how easy it would be for some thief to impersonate him and take my money. As you can see I am a bit paranoid, but this is my first rep purchase so probably to be expected! Look forward to hearing from anyone regarding this and the quality of TC's subs if anyone has got one from him? Thanks guys Regards Joe
  10. Haha thanks. I'm looking forward to learning more and more. I have been in contact with BK1234 regarding a noobfactory 116610 w/ Swiss ETA movement: http://www.rwgforum....14-sub-c-black/ $655 Thinking whether to take the plunge. Any recommendations or tips anyone? Thanks
  11. Thanks Panerai. I am in the UK. I am a new member so unsure if UK is "safe" to receive? Thanks.
  12. Thanks rillesnille. It is a beauty - my only problem is I am such a perfectionist I don't wear it often enough. I
  13. Would anyone recommend using "watch station Angus" for purchasing a Rolex Sub with black bezel? Thanks in advance from the new guy!
  14. Hello everyone. My name is Joe - I'd like to introduce myself to the forum in the hope I can make some like minded "watch enthusiast friends!". I'm looking forward to sharing and gathering information on anything watch related. I would like to build up a collection of reps through buying, swopping and trading etc with likeminded trustworthy guys! For the past 5 years I have been a huge Tag Heuer fan and have owned at some point nearly all of the mens Tag Heuer Aquaracers (genuine). I have recently sold all of them off due to financial reasons but still have kept my pride and joy - The very rare (especially in UK) Genuine Factory Tag Heuer Aquaracer CAF2015 (see pic) My love of watches has become an obsession over the years and I would like to fill my genuine Tag "void" with some high quality reps - Rolex, Breitling, Tag and Omega - anything considered really, Anyway guys, thanks for looking and be sure to drop me a message if you have any nice reps for sale that would fill my oh so empty watch display case!! Cheers. Joe
  15. Good morning everyone. I am new to the forum and can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed myself reading through all the forums the last couple of days. What an excellent set up! I have learned a lot and looking forward to gaining more knowledge from like minded enthustausts! I am set to take the plunge and buy my first rep rolex submariner and was wondering if anyone had a preference over: watch-station co which I believe has recently changed from "puretime" Or Torobravas Or perhaps someone would like to make a recommendation for a different TD?? I look forward to hearing from people in the forum to share knowledge with and even make a few more "watch friends" :-D Thanks in advance J