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  1. Explorer 114270 (36mm) options?

    That's true, the ARF bracelet is a million times better than the jagged and sharp-edge raffles. The rationale for offering the raffles bracelet solution is because it is a shortcut for the OP to avoid rebrushing the ARF bracelet by using a raffles one (when the OP can potentially resell the ARF bracelet as well to recoup some project cost), or if the OP prefers to use a hollow end-link bracelet to get this '1016-influenced' vibe. Yuki 78360 may also be an alternative but I don't think their 78360 rep bracelet has hollow links (like raffles) and it looks similar to the raffles one (but cost extra). If OP prefers to use a SEL bracelet then there are other choices as well as for using 700 crown with 7000 tube or 8mm crown, i am just following the tempus-inspired vibe where they use a bigger brevet crown
  2. Explorer 114270 (36mm) options?

    i can see your point and @hologramet point - i guess it depends on how similar does the OP wants his 114270 build to look like a 114270 or a Tempus Machina (TM) influenced 1016 - both watches/style are quite unique by nature if OP pursues a ARF 116234 datejust, then i probably would approach it like this - smooth bezel (raffles 36mm) - domed sapphire or I think a clarks 25-135 plexi might fit (because a gen 25-295c fits my gen 16000 case so I assume they can fit the opposite?) - gilt 28mm 1016 dial with gold sub hands - possibly athaya 700/800 bigger crown and tube (but i think it would look funny with a bigger crown, so i will leave the stock crown alone) - heavily chamfered lugs with brushed finish - brush the stock ARF bracelet or buy a raffles oyster bracelet 78360 for $30 the above recommendations are based on the TM 116610 and its visual mods (that are relevant for a TM-inspired 116234) : 1. heavily chamfered lugs with brushed finish 2. gilt dial with gold hands 3. bigger crown 4. domed crystal 5. brushed bracelet
  3. Explorer 114270 (36mm) options?

    the case/lug shape of a 116200 series datejust is different to a 114270 case the 116200 series of datejust (i.e. the ARF 116234) has wider lugs and mirror-polished lugs. I also don't think it's possible to reshape a 116200 series into a 114270 because the 114270/16200 appears to have longer lugs (but this needs confirmation from others)
  4. Explorer 114270 (36mm) options?

    according to @DVNE, the best 36mm explorer was the cartel ones and they run on 2824-2 movement. But those are long discontinued and currently there aren't any alternatives that run on 2824-2. the 2836-2 version (just like the link i have provided from above) has various flaws but i think it is the best one available for now it's better to consider the JF V2 214270 if you want an explorer (which is extremely close to super-rep in my eyes) - but those are 39mm
  5. 1016 Explorer w/lug holes

    High-five! we got the same oberservations I have a SERIOUS OCD for Rolex reps with the wrong crown height. This is because gen Rolex cases are made consistently to match their standard gen movement specs so there is no exception allowed for rep Rolex cases with the wrong crown/stem/tube height. This is why i will never ever consider using a cartel rep for my project builds I place a serious emphasis on wrong crown/stem/tube height over wrong case shape because case shape irregularities can be dismissed as overpolishing or weaker manufacturing tolerance from many years ago, but crown/stem/tube height can never go wrong.
  6. Explorer 114270 (36mm) options?

    This thread on RWI will interest you https://forum.replica-watch.info/threads/amazing-little-explorer-1-36mm-from-lucy.395976/
  7. Reserved for a future datejust build hah
  8. 1016 Explorer w/lug holes

    if you can do that, please plug and redrill those cartel cases as well - then we will have an affordable alternative to vietnam case and phong case lol!
  9. thank you guys i quite like jubilee bracelet but the watch feels too light with the jubilee bracelet on hah so a rep oyster 78360 bracelet is definitely the way to go but i am still having problems trying to find a hollow link rep oyster bracelet - seems like no one sells them anymore?
  10. I have previously shared this on RWI and I will share it here as well - you guys seem to be the technical / OCD Rolex builders so I hope you will enjoy the pics And after waiting and researching for nearly a year trying to source the right parts... Theme of the build = a classic 14270 Rolex that has been through RSC (hence this 14270 will have lug holes AND superluminova dial and hands) Here are the ingredients - Gen 36mm Datejust 16233 E-series case (took me bloody 6 months to find one in decent condition) - Gen 36mm Datejust smooth bezel - Gen 14270/114270 Swiss Made dial (bloody rare to find) - Gen 603 crown - Gen Submariner seconds hand - JF 16610 LN minute + hour hand - JKhorological Swiss 25-295 crystal - Serviced Yuki 3135 from tickleshoes ...... still in search of a hollow link 78360 rep oyster bracelet The watch is practically gen at this point. If i pair it up with my gen 62510h bracelet, then it's visually indistinguishable to gen so here is my gen 16200 Datejust case that arrived via fedex Left case is gen 16200 datejust case; right case is a replica 16200 case for 2824-2 movement The rehaut is much wider (in terms of diameter) and less wokky on the gen 16200 datejust case Also, the lugs are thinner on gen case (even though my gen case has probably been polished before) Left case is gen 16200 datejust case; right case is a replica 16200 case for 2824-2 movement Crown height and case thickness is pretty much the same for both cases I installed the Yuki 3135 with the gen 14270 dial into the gen case first The usual ETA movement tab screws didn't fit between the gen case's side and the yuki movement, but luckily i have some spare gen-spec 3135 movement/case screws and they were thin enough to fit in between the gen case and the yuki movement Then I proceeded to install the hands, crystal, and gen smooth bezel And here is the final results (paired with my gen 62510h jubilee bracelet with 555 end links - but i am desperately in need of a rep 78360 hollow link oyster bracelet) At this moment, the watch is pretty much gen externally and there is no definitive way to tell that it is a franken or replica by just looking at it externally Lume shot! - the JF minute and hour hands have the same lume colour and brightness as the gen Rolex dial lume and gen Rolex seconds hand lume
  11. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    Parts of a 5513 unfortunately for me (waiting for the tube installation tool before I could put it together) - Vietnamese 5513 case set (correct crown/stem/tube height yay but at a price) - ETA 2824-2 converted to lowbeat - Gen service bezel insert - Gen service dial - Gen 702 crown - Athaya 702 Tube - TC V2 hands - Raffles 34mm Tudor movement ring
  12. Can you guys check these QC Pics?

    i would 10000000000% reject by looking at the back of the case, the SEL doesn't sit right as the lug holes are drilled incorrectly. This also causes the front part of the SEL to sit pretty flush with the lugs Your picture A better Noob V7 from intime's website https://www.intime01.co/rollie/2954-submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-v7-1-1-noob-best-edition-sa3135.html
  13. Excellent choice by using a Vietnamese 1665 case as a base for reshaping I only swear by Vietnamese cases for vintage builds They have the right general proportions and thickness (especially for the 1675), and they all have the correct crown/stem/tube height (unlike the Cartel / BP vintage / JKF watches which are designed to house the 2836-2 @ 2.25mm stem height or the 21j) Vietnamese cases might cost $800 each for a complete case set, but it saves me from headaches and paranoia from getting called imo I wished there were more options between the price jump of a cartel/ BP vintage / JKF and a Vietnamese case. I could already confirm that a Helenarou 5513 case is very inferior to my Vietnamese 5513 case
  14. Best Submariner hands for ETA movement?

    Thank you for the pics, i have read your awesome thread from 2012 I bought a set from jkhorological - the stock pics from jkhorological look identical to clarks and they are cheaper I will recheck the raffles seconds hand - the yuki seconds hand's circle is too far up