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  1. It's a vietnam bracelet with a vietnam 7-hole clasp (quite uncommon high-quality rep part) Love that dial! Sweet! I love that angle of your watch. Those are good ETA sub hands that can pass my OCD Yes I eventually did sort out the crystal after a while I love it! Gen crown next? Or maybe consider converting the ETA movement inside into having 2-positions only (i.e. manual-wind and time-setting). You can do that by ordering an ETA 2840 combined setting lever and install it directly into the movement
  2. godkiller

    Let's build a franken Tudor 76200 Date-Day

    haha i started off with 'godziller' (something i randomly thought of after watching godzilla), then somehow autocorrect gave me godkiller and for the sake of simplicity, i used the same screen name in every rep forum. My screen name is 'pompompurin' on rwi now (after having it changed by the admin) I don't use a loupe - but I strongly recommend using a loupe to install the seconds hand on any movement! sold on rwi Thanks! Hope you enjoyed the write-up riyi002@sina.com he can supply them
  3. godkiller

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    wow a modder from Hong Kong is rare. Everywhere I go, everyone wears a gen in Hong Kong - i haven't even seen a fake one inside a crowded MTR yet If you see someone wearing a 1680 with jubilee bracelet... then it's likely me lol
  4. godkiller

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    Does anyone know if Ruby's 1680 / 5512/ 5513 cases have that gasket channel around the rehaut and beneath the crystal retainer like gen? e.g. like this one below. I whatsapp-ed her but she doesn't seem to understand my message.
  5. godkiller

    Let's build a franken Tudor 76200 Date-Day

    Thanks! Haha we all have to start from somewhere - here are some videos and tutorials that helped me start modding watches: - 2824-2 resetting keyless = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b83l-1DmlQ&app=desktop - installing/removing hands, de-casing movement, etc = http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?24567-Fitting-Gen-Dial-Hands-amp-Crystal-into-a-UPO - Cwazy's tutorials (e.g. installing / removing hands, removing stem, etc, relume) = https://www.youtube.com/user/cwazy11/videos - relume video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyEB2yDBXbM (part 1 - there are more parts to it from the same author) - ncrich's basic cartel mods = https://forum.replica-watch.info/forum/vintage-watches/280725-basic-mods-to-the-jfk-cartel-sub-step-by-step i bent a few sets of hands when i first started - hand setting can be tricky. I recommend using a 10x loupe with steady hands
  6. Going to share my build diary here. This is a build I recommend beginners / newcomers / modders / watchsmith / and everyone else to do because it's so simple and yet the results are amazing Finished the build immediately when the parts arrived today Here are the final specs: - Genuine Tudor dial - Genuine Rolex 603 crown - Genuine ETA 2834-2 (brand new!) - Raffles case set and bracelet (brand new) - Rare aftermarket Tudor hands The case set and everything else that I needed has arrived today: First step is to change the day disc to a better one (as provided as part of the kit). The movement ring is also change to the one that is provided as part of the kit Stock ETA day disc on the left. Better day disc with serif fonts wasinstalled (the better day disc is provided as part of the kit) Next, movement tabs and screws were installed; the gaskets were also greased. You can see the beauty of a brand new ETA 2834-2 Hands were then installed Crystal and smooth bezel were aligned and pressed onto the watch So far, the bracelet quality and case set accuracy/quality is much better than their usual Datejust case and Oyster bracelet. The bracelet feels smooth and gen. FINISHED!! The case shape is amazing! I don't have to reshape the case - it's perfect. Overall, the Tudor Date-Day is a VERY straightforward build and I recommend it to members who just started modding/franken-ing/building watches. The end results are beautiful, and there is no need to fidget with DWO / dial spacer height / dial feet etc (like Rolex builds)
  7. godkiller

    Show the PAM combo you choose today

  8. godkiller

    Rolex Wristies thread

  9. godkiller

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    I just randomly noticed that you are from Hong Kong! It's so rare to find modders / builders here in Hong Kong
  10. the clasp isn't period correct but I am ok with it all
  11. godkiller

    Best 3135 sub hands for 16XXX build?

    Btw... important for others that want the best 3135 hands Email torobravo and see if they can help you source a set of JF 16610 3135 hands (approx $30 USD). Those are hands down the best aftermarket ones. After messing with different parts, Startime hands and Clarks are both terrible IMO. Nothing beats gen and IMO JF and TC are both very close to gen. Oh yeah and those Phong / MQ sub hands are terrible as well IMO - the lume proportions are wrong, and the seconds hand isn't tapered with the end circle being too big.
  12. at the moment with my 14270... 1. I swapped a SH 3132 movement into it 2. I installed a vietnam oyster bracelet with a 7 hole micro-adjustment clasp 3. I am waiting for a replacement crystal to arrive (since I used the existing crystal on another build for my friend) Thanks for the tips I noticed that LF factory used to make classic 162xx datejust with SA3135 movement... But i believe they sold poorly (because nobody seems to have it lol!) and they were soon discontinued https://ts-station.cn/goods.php?ProId=14857
  13. That is my grail build! I am 'pompompurin' on RWI and i wish i could obtain your rare 3135 datejust case for other builds.
  14. godkiller

    Who has the best 7206 rep bracelet?

    i noticed that some of Yuki's stuff is expensive when compared to the same item from another supplier (e.g. Yuki's 1016 case... it's basically a riyi/raffles datejust case, but it cost 3x more than riyi/raffles) http://www.yukiwatch.net/Explorer-I-1016-case-for-ETA-movt-p30563063 higher-end (vietnam?) 7206 rep bracelets have 7 micro-adjustment holes on the clasp - like gen (i.e. the one ruby and yuki supplies). Raffles/Riyi clasps have 6 micro-adjustment holes on the clasp it's not unusual if yuki and ruby sources the same parts from the same supplier
  15. godkiller

    TC to 16800

    @Ephry73 is right; the TC (and gen) 16610 cases have deep rehaut, whereas the gen 16800 has shallow rehaut. Startime 3035 cases are perfect for 16800 builds, but those cases are rare. If you drill lug holes into a 16610 case, then your watch can look like a Y-series or earlier (depending if you use SEL / hollow end link bracelet, or tritium / superluminova dial)