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  1. pompompurin

    Building a 5513 personally of original parts

    With those lugs and caseback engraving, it reminds me of a helenarou case
  2. pompompurin

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    try yodog and tripdog on rwi. They seem to be able to source their own vietnam parts
  3. Here is the attraction!
  4. pompompurin

    Explorer 5500 with 1500 case

    From my experience, the 2824-2 works better for 1500 build because the stem height of the movement is lower which gives the dwo more clearance to move. However, i have also seen people use 2836-2 and 2846-2 (I.e. the lowbeat equivalent of the 2836-2) in 1500 case builds, but that's trickier to assemble, in my opinion. Here is my 1500 case super franken build with a sellita 2824-2, raffles tall post hands, and helenarou (2824-2 to 1570) movement ring https://image.ibb.co/j6UsHf/20180518-121251.jpg https://image.ibb.co/i1p3OL/20180518-125341-1.jpg https://image.ibb.co/jgwTq0/20180518-121037-1.jpg typo* (can't seem to edit the post anymore): i was meant to say that the 2824-2's stem height is taller than the 2836-2 which gives more clearance for the DWO to move. This is because the 2824-2's taller stem height makes the overall movement sit lower from the top, giving more clearance for the DWO to move.
  5. pompompurin

    Explorer 5500 with 1500 case

    5500 is a simpler build because you don't need to install a dwo. But a lot of franken 5500 are not accurate because they don't use the gen hands (which have a distinctive pointy front for the hour and minute hand). Instead, many people use aftermarket eta datejust hands for 5500 builds (which looks ok, but not good enough for me). Alternatively, you can build a 5500 air king explorer (using an aftermarket / refinished dial) with eta sub hands. 1500 is a nice build too, but the dwo installation process can be tricky for some people. If you do a 1500 build, I recommend using raffles tall post hands with a stock eta 2824-2 (h2) movement so that the hands have enough height to clear the tall dial indices.
  6. pompompurin

    MBW Bezel inset

    as above, i also recommend the athaya pearl pip however, the athaya pip comes un-lumed. You can 'colour' the pip easily instead with a needle and a felt tip marker. I extracted ink from the felt tip marker by poking a needle into the tip of the felt tip marker, then i coloured the pip with the needle. It's a very macgyver / ghetto method, but it gets the job done HAHA. below are pictures of my own reshaped vietnam case build (with athaya pip that was coloured using the above method): before the athaya pearl mod after the athaya pearl mod
  7. pompompurin

    Does anyone know what happened to tc

    yup long gone. if you need a movement ring for a TC case, then i think it's worth trying those helenarou 2824-2 to 1570 movement ring (approx $15 USD) - they seem to fit TC cases well (from the last time i tried, but ymmv)
  8. pompompurin

    Used or unused kit case for 5513

    May I ask where do you source those 2824-2 rolex 1680 cases? I have been looking for one that takes 15xx date movement (for a budget build) as it should assumably have a gen crown/stem/tune height position as well. Thanks!
  9. pompompurin

    Used or unused kit case for 5513

    i recommend using rubyswatch 5513 cases! those cases are made to accept gen 1520 movement cartel case and MBW case won't take a gen 1520 movement out-of-the-box: for starters, the cartel case and mbw case have different crown/stem/tube height to a gen case.
  10. pompompurin

    16520 Rep? Can't be true?

    If it's too good to be true, then it probably is. Reverse google image search suggests that those 16520 pictures are widely used by many scam replica watch sites Settle with a Noob SA4130 116520 instead
  11. pompompurin

    Explorer 5500 with 1500 case

    if i recall correctly from my research and handling unpolished gens, the 1500 has different lug shape to the 5500 and 1002. Unpolished 5500 Unpolished 1500
  12. Few days ago, my 116520 (904l and sa4130) arrived and it's amazing. So far, everything works buttery smoothly especially the time setting and manual wind. Going to franken it soon!
  13. One of my longterm builder friend from RWI told me that a lot of 2834 comes stock with H4 wheels / pinion, whereas the majority of 2836-2 come stock with H3 wheels / pinion. Oh sweeet! it's making me drool, and I am going to do the EXACT build as that (with a jonj480 reshaped startime 3035 case). Did you use Clark hands for that build?
  14. pompompurin

    Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Green 116508

    apparently, this one is good https://www.ts-station.cn/goods.php?ProId=23950
  15. pompompurin

    The cartel has increased its power, and prices

    HAHA let's do it buddy! I got a gen dial, gen hand set, and gen bezel from years of hoarding.