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  1. Have any of the factories started to rep the Pro Diver 3 bracelet with a black steel deployant? Really wanting to find one and not have to pay $600 for the gen.
  2. Sitting at home, sipping some Glenlivet and kinda bored, thought I'd upload a few pics of the collection from over the years. Some gen, some rep, some good quality, some meh.......... Anyways, enjoy!
  3. I remember when you got this, it made me gravitate towards my purchase of one as well. Cost a pretty penny back then, but the V1 was a real game changer. Thanks for the memories! I didn’t know George died, that’s a damn shame, he was a great connoisseur of details and he made some great pieces.
  4. Thanks guys! It appears a lot has changed over the years! Still catching up on reading what is taboo and what is not. Seems some folks have changed a bit over time. Lol
  5. Hello all, newbie to the group, however an avid collector and enthusiast for over 20 years. Been out of the forums for about 10 years now, but glad to be back see what all is out there these days................
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