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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 5 results

  1. Ahhhh.... The best PN dial ever made for 7750 based Daytonas? I believe it is. Every time I make one I fear it will be the last. Those dials are so much better than any other he had made. If only such attention to detail was given to the others. The balance of proportion between the elements to adapt the design to the 7753 is absolutely optimal. It makes you wonder if the black second track is too small or if it's just an impression... Specs are as usual: DW case, dial and hands. Gen crown, coronet and crystal.
  2. I enjoy working on perfecting these DWs. I really think that version of the PN is the best dial he did. Here, I reshaped the case totally. Lugs top, sides of the case and bezel. I sanded the acrylic insert so it's absolutely leveled with the metal of the bezel. Dial was textured and aged. It now has that rough texture you can see on Mazzariol macro pictures. Of course: gen coronet installed, gen crown and gen T21.
  3. One more DW 7753 dial modified here.... Nothing much done on the case except a slight reshaping and a 702 installed. All the work done is on the dial really ! I still need to change that ugly crystal and fit a beveled one and I'll be done ! That is the real problem with DW based Daytonas : they are too cheap !!!! So you won't stop till you have them all !!! By the way, this dial too I got it thanks to Davids100... I can't thank you enough mate !
  4. First of all about that build : A BIG THANKS TO DAVIDS100 WHO HELPED ME TO GET THAT DIAL !!!!!! Without you my friend, that case would still be sitting in a box !!!! We all find DW standard dials plates have a major issue : the position of the index too far inside touching the subdials... Well, why not simply move them ? I did it here, and it looks much better !!!! Simply chop the feet, polish the base of the index and carefully glue them at a better position ! Aside from that, I modified that case to a tonneau shape, with the sunburst finished 300 bezel and the round brushed back case often made by some Rolex USA service centers since the watch is fitted with a Rolex USA bracelet.
  5. Hi all, My latest DW Daytona hour totalizer hand appears to be frozen... I dismantled the watch for a quick overall check, but I did not see anything abnormal at first glance. This is a first for me : the usual issue with that subdial is the wandering hand problem. But the frozen hand thing is new to me... Does anyone have a suggestion for me here? I'm a bit lost.... Thank you !!!