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Looking for an Omega Seamaster with Blue Dial

Jeff Marples

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I spent a few days with one of my oldest best friends from high school and college. I come to find out his wife was a full on drunk for a couple years, then hooked up with another dude in rehab, and still is with this jerky. They have 2 kids to boot which is tough.  He told me that his drunk ass ex lost his genuine Omega Seamaster, the one with a blue dial which I think was the James Bond look of a number of years ago. I showed him a couple of my watches and even fooled him on the Seamaster 300 that another kind member sold me last year. Anyhow, I wanted to put it out there and ask if any of you have a blue dialed Omega Seamaster that you would be willing to part with, reasonably cheaply that is.


Thanks All.

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Post a WTB thread in the wanted section. I just sold my 2531.80 franken a couple weeks ago and I'm sure others would be willing to part with theirs. You can also check with WackoBirdKeeper - I heard he may still have a couple of new Bond Seamasters for sale.

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