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438 Ceramic


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Hi I have got one of these, bought from puretime january or february this year,cant remember who maker was but they are cheaper now.

My impressions are that this is one classy watch, you just wont see another like it in the wild, the ceramic is like nothing else the bracelet feels like pebbles when handled

and the case has that quality feel that matt black ceramic gives. the detail on the crown guard is a nice touch.

I am very pleased with mine and have worn it on holiday etc.               no problem with acuracy or reliability up to now.

The ceramic of the bracelet is harder than the stainless steel of the clasp so polishes wherever it touches.

Oh and I had to Loctite the pins back into the clasp after only a couple of wears. which was dissapointing but its a Rep so it is what it is.

Hears a good tip that applies to all watchesm do not handle the watch over a tiled floor, its very hard but brittle drop it and the case is not repairable you can google this.

Otherwise on the wrist its fine and is as new despite some use because the ceramic does not scratch, infact try rubbing a £1coin against it, it the will leave no mark.

Yes I would definatly recomend this watch,.

Go for it.


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