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Santos de Cartier

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I will absolutely say this, a few weeks or a month ago, Cartier was not a tiny blip on my radar. In fact, I looked at a Cartier sort of like a Tiffany watch, in other words watches produced by jewelry companies, not pure watch companies. Now, I know that historically this is incorrect, in fact Cartier stands as one of the first if not the first true wristwatch. Now, a confession.For the past year plus, I have been wearing an Apple Watch, first a 4 and now a 5. I wear one for several reasons, but mainly because of all the features. I’m in my 7th decade. I am very active and work a lot outside often out of sight and sound of others. The feature that calls my designated emergency contact should I take a hard fall could be a lifesaver for me. However what led me to look at Cartier was the rectangular shape of the Apple Watch. I feel very comfortable with that shape. I started looking at rectangular and square watches. This of course led me to Cartier. Beautiful watch, very nice, and according to a lot of guys that know a lot more about Cartier than I will ever know, call these super reps. And guess what? They copied a really popular feature of Apple watches, the quick strap change feature. This is a great feature that allows quick and easy strap and bracelet changes. More formal, change to the Black Alligator, casual Friday, the Blue Gator works, get the idea? So when I decided, I searched and was able to buy a Santos XL in a M2M sale. I also was able to buy a genuine Cartier Blue Alligator strap. I haven’t owned the watch for long, and truthfully I doubt that it will replace myApple watch 5 as a daily wearer, but certainly for more dressy occasions and/or when I want to wear a “real” watch, it will be my go to watch.

So no post about a watch is complete without photos, here is mine on the genuine Blue Alligator




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