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Rolex 1665 Advice


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hey guys I own a 1665 build by the legend Rolojack- Bought it here from a member- Watch is great ! I really love it … Wondering. what else I can do to it. How about some lume ??


Vac said he can do it …


I end it buying a matching bracelet with 580 endlinks.


here are the pics 314802b023abaab63fff5f16b1d9e0e5.jpg



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My advice, DON'T lume it.  Mine is from 1972 and it has zero glow left.


That thing's a looker!  Just wear it and enjoy it.  The more you do, the better it will look.

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I completely agree with Nanuq (surprise, surprise). The radiological luminescence on these dials decayed years ago & a glow is a good indication of recent/Asian manufacture (a trait you do not want on a vintage Rolex) & 1 of the 1st things that scream "fake Rolex". Your SD looks wonderful as-is. If it ain't broke, anything you do to fix it may likely break it.

Having said that, if you have the will & bank account to justify replacing the dial, hands & movement with the correct gen components, that would be a significant step-up. But, mostly, for your own peace of mind since only about 1% of the public &/or a watchmaker (who opened your watch's case) would appreciate the difference.


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