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Forum Software: Dark/Light Mode Toggle

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Mods, I think this has been asked before, but does the Forum software support a toggle between a LIGHT/DARK Mode. 


While "Dark Mode" became all the rage 5yrs ago-- more and more studies are showing it is awful for aging eyes/older folks.  I for one am struggling to read longer posts here with my vision situation. 


The researchers put this down to the fact that when we look at a bright background, our pupils constrict and increase acuity while scanning text. When looking at a black background, the opposite effect occurs, and dilated pupils make it harder to focus on the text.


Much appreciated if this feature could be explored.  Toggling to Dark Mode for those reading in bed might be nice, but then again this isn't a 'feed' and should encourage more contributions.  Dark mode encourages consumption, not necessarily contribution  🤔


I can change arbitrary backdrops, but there isn't even a basic white to get the pupils to constrict... -Thanks!



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