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Bizarre second hand behavior.

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Here’s a bizarre one. I scooped this over on RWI, runs great, keeps really good time, but the second hand seems to just kind of flop around. Anyone have an idea on where to start? I was going to make sure it was properly seated, but I figure it would have fallen off if it wasn’t. 





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Most likely, the arm wand is loose on its stem tube. A common problem with reps. I posted a howto thread about this many years ago that you may be able to locate via the search.

Either replace the hand, use a TINY bit of epoxy to cement the underside of the joint between the horizontal arm wand & its vertical stem tube, or ask a competent local watchmaker to fix it (he will remove & tighten the loose hand joint with a couple of light taps from a concave staking tool).

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If you can decase the movement, simply blow on the hand & see if it spins. If it does, then the hand's joint is weak/loose.
If it remains in position, then there may be a wheel missing teeth or severely misaligned with an adjoining wheel.

Good luck.

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Watch is sorted. The tube of the second hand was sitting loose on the stem. I used a pin vice to tighten it up ever so slightly and bang, problem solved!!

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