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  1. OkDoki thanks
  2. Both actually
  3. Quite Nice if you ask me; would that be one of Thesociety ones ? I'm looking for a nice bend links bracelet for mine (78350 to be precise) but could not find one; would you - or someone else - have any lead ?
  4. héhé, Happy New year my friend ! I guess you are putting one up ; did you found a good case ?
  5. ... from the one just above my comment ; but clearer if possible txs
  6. @tonytuzz, woooo sexy... more pics please ?
  7. mmm... sexy ! me likey.
  8. Ok Thanks, and that is exactly what's happening : "the hour totalizer was running even when the chrono is off" I wish I had a watchmaker... Not ready yet to take the dial off I guess. I don't feel confortable thinking about the way to detach & put back in place those tiny sud dial hands... It would require a proper tool than my only bergeon screwdriver
  9. By the way @freddy333, what do you mean in that post when you wrote "the hour totalizer hand to start 'creeping'" ? Thanks in advance for your answers
  10. Thanks Freddy for your answer but i was actually referring to that one : I think I'll try to take the movement off the case tonight and try to realign the hour sub dial hand to the 12 marker
  11. Hi Gents, A question following what I consider to be a good news: As it was described by the seller, I thought the hour sub dial hand was frozen or glued but it appears to be functional. After I took the movement out of the case to properly align the main hour hand, I put back the movement in and after re-plugging the stem in, i started the chrono function to make sure it was still functional and - surprisely - after 10 or 20 minutes, i noticed that the sub dial hour hand had moved. But when I reseted the chrono, it did not come back to the 12 marker and was a little offset. But more than that, It did not stop (when I activate the pusher at 2) and continue its course along the sub dial... while the chrono function was stopped and the big second hand and the sub minute hand were back in place. I noticed that when the sub dial hour hand has gone after marker 9 or 10, it reset properly (aligned with the 12 marker) but still it does not stop and continue to count hours although the chrono function is off. My question would be : what is the way to settle this ? is it an easy way (or does that necessarily mean service) ? I've found some answers in a post from @freddy333, but can't manage to find it back ; if anyone could chime in, I would be very thankful
  12. Actually I did not even tried to go inside as I knew I'd have heard silly numbers and the window "leaking" was quite enough for me.
  13. My friend, That is a beautiful way to franken start with... love that case and bezel profile... and that crown... Congrats
  14. Hi Gents, I was in London for the weekend and there's a lot of 20% discount for many watches... in case you would be interested