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  1. Yes, I bought an alpha chronograph from a U. K seller and I thought it had better quality control than the replicas sold from our friendly rep suppliers. It is the same sh!& as all the seagull clones . The pusher stuffed up exactly a year after the warranty expired. It is an L shaped piece which pushes the hammer part to reset the centre second to zero. The bottom L part broke off and of all places it fell into the pallet fork dislodging one of the jewels which has put it into suspended animation! Wished there was a genuine eta version of if and what I mean is a better quality control product. I bought a replacement from cousins but seems to stop after a couple of hours especially when engaging the chrono function! These also have a problem with the keyless works as the part that holds in the stem seems to have a weak point or a design fault or quality material fault that cause the stem to fall out all the time. Not sure which is which of these it is, but a hassle free quartz substitute for the dial would be the solution!
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