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  1. photon

    6238 V72 Silver dial

    Some more progress... Mid case engraving: New bridge: Done!
  2. photon

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    Thanks, Alan. I'll try her again.
  3. photon

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    I have been communicating with Ruby but, the dialogue runs on and I don't seem to get the payment information. Do you know if Ruby could accept PP? Also, Ruby asked me to communicate via whatsApp... is she okay?
  4. photon

    6238 V72 black dial

    Thank you, alligoat and Freddy for encouragement. The coronet was from a local dealer.
  5. photon

    Daytona 6263

    1k for a good 6263? At lest 1.5k is needed. Perhaps, one option is to use a Valjoux 23? Even V23 is getting around 1k these days but, I still see one around $500 occasionally. A decent dial may be sourced from Eileen from Singapore for about $200 and hands from Phong for $120. The problem is the case set. After seeing one on the bay few months ago, I don't know where to find a good case set ... but, you may find a case set for around $300 if you are patient. Oh, plus at lest the crown needs to be upgraded and this may cost ~$100.
  6. photon

    6238 V72 black dial

    Thanks for looking at the project summary and the suggestion of starting a new thread. Sir, haha replacing the rep coronet is a must for me The gen 18k WG coronet is inexpensive relative to the crazy price of the phong dial... How to replace the pushers? Simply unscrew and screw them, nothing more complicated than this, my friend. I sourced quite high quality Swiss-made pushers from Cousins in UK. The scary part of this project was to trim the V72 bridge and make holes on the base plate and tap them for adding proper mounting screws at the right level. Many old V72s come with mounting screws on the top bridge and this does not work for daytona cases.
  7. photon

    6238 V72 black dial

    Thanks, blackboxes! Still learning how to use the macro function of my RX100 ...
  8. photon

    6238 V72 black dial

    Following Sogeha's suggestion, I am starting a fresh thread for my latest project Specs Movement: a V72 with broken mainspring but, very clean. I had to strip most of the chrono parts to replace the mainspring which I got from the bay. Parts cleaned and oiled. Case: A nice 6263 case for V72. The case shape needed to be modified for the smooth bezel of 6238. The bezel was again custom-made for this project. Dial: From Phong (very expensive!) The dial arrived had the coronet way too low. Also it looked a bit large. So I sourced a gen 18k WG coronet and replaced the phong coronet. Hands are all from phong - his hands are cool. Gen on the right. The color difference is visible. Crystal/crown/bracelet: GEN! In addition to the gen coronet, I got gen crystal, bracelet and crown for this project. The watch:
  9. photon

    6238 V72 Silver dial

    It's been a while since we last saw V72-6238 projects here. I wonder what all the daytona experts are up to these days. My latest project:
  10. photon

    Daytona Build

    Thank you for clarification Mr Pawn King! I have bought two V72 watches but, for each watch I paid above $1k!! They are healthy like a new Seiko though
  11. photon

    Daytona Build

    Do you mean $1200? $200 for a running Valjoux 72 is a crime!!
  12. photon

    6238 V72 Silver dial

    rolojack, unfortunately no engraving inside (as yet) panerai153, thanks for the pic! Is that a gen rivet brace? I'd love to get such a nice bracelet. Revere, you're right and the pusher positions on 7750 are symmetric. My guess is that DW was lazy enough not to modify his V72 case design and he just increased the bore of the V72 case to fit 7750. The size difference between these two movements is just one ligne (~ 2.2 mm - my home-made mvt ring fill precisely fill this gap). Correct me if I am wrong experts but, it's my view that DW V72 and DW 7750 cases are essentially the same except the bore size. 7750 just happens to tolerate the asymmetric pusher positions.
  13. photon

    6238 V72 Silver dial

    The pushers on DW 7750 cases are asymmetric and their positions are aligned well radially with the chrono operation and reset levers on V72. But, funnily enough mine have a problem in the depth position. While the winding stem position is okay, the top pusher just misses the operation lever. But, this may be unique to my V72 because the length of the operation lever in the thickness direction of the movement is quite short. A more conventional V72 operation lever with a longer lever is on the way and this will tell if the problem is due to the case or the movement.
  14. photon

    6238 V72 Silver dial

    panerai153, sir I cannot see your picture and could you try updating the link? alligoat, thanks for the comment! Sogeha, the Phong dial I started with had three flaws which can be seen in the pic below. 1. "G" instead of "6" Simply, the gap on the horizontal line was filled with paint! 2. Incorrect coronet (the one with a sharp edge was there) Got a gen 18k WG coronet and the original one was replaced with the gen. 3. Long indices Each index except at 5, 15 and 25 position was shortened by erasing partially. This was done under a microscope with a toothpick soaked in ethanol.