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  1. Love the black PN... jealous is an understatement!
  2. Love the double crown placement on this one ... great color scheme too
  3. Great combo with that strap, I love it!
  4. Thanks for sharing! Props for taking the plunge despite the known issues with this rep... it certainly does look like a perfect size on your wrist, great wrist presence. Also, I commend you for attempting to mod the pearl... I'm sure the next versions of this will be an improvement on the current's flaws, now we just have to wait and cross our fingers!
  5. Lots of haters, but I think they've finally made the "goldilocks" watch for those who wanted a solution between the DSSD and the 40mm Sub/SDs. They did right with this one, it'll take time for folks to understand 43mm in rolex world is actually 42mm.
  6. Bezel thickness on the thin side too from the profile shot, but likely not noticeable unless looking at it closely... I still think this is going to be a big hit! Looking forward to the NATO release too.
  7. Would love to see the new Tudor Black Bay Black get repped, would pick one of them up in a heartbeat if it was done half decently.
  8. Lucky man! This is definitely on my list of future acquisitions
  9. Loving this as well, hope it gets repped quickly, but at $3400 w/bracelet for the gen... it's going to be one very sought after watch. Hope this means resale holds up as well
  10. Speechless, not sure what to say besides: "Very daring!" Extremely unique old-school prototype, amazing that now we have the option to build the 5218-210
  11. Must have taken some time to source those parts dbane, beautiful result as well... Looking forward to seeing your build OP, keep us updated with pics
  12. Personally, I love the 247, that would be my vote... closed CB, same dial as the 111, no rollerball CG, limited production. As mentioned above though, you really can't go wrong these days with what have been mentioned, the 005 and 111 especially. Might as well get them all!
  13. Very interesting caseback! As mentioned above my PAMman, more details please
  14. 3717 @ 42mm is definitely a good size for < 7" wrists. When it starts getting up to 45-46mm, things start looking a bit awkward for us skinny wrist folks. I have a ~6.8" wrist and can wear the Big Pilot from time to time, but I would consider it to be a smidge too big and a bit uncomfortable for everyday wear. It's fine for the occasional weekend or dress watch, but I can't imagine wearing it daily simply because of the heft/size on my wrist. I find that the perfect strap makes most things wearable though, just need to find out what works for you and how comfortable the watches are
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