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  1. If I remember right mastrmindalliance already made a nice PDF out of the book... Saves money, even thou I only payed 400$ for a new one ;-)
  2. Just pulled the trigger at Joshes... Looking forward to my first rep since over a year ... I already stopped wearing my 5513 and started easy my Tudor Heritage to get used to the size again ;-)
  3. Thank you (very good joice for the comperssion. ;-) )!!! The AP really looks big. Actually on the second pic it looks like someone badly photoshoped the AP to the pic in a wrong dimension...
  4. Hi Ubi! I am also turning round and round in my bed every evening thinking of finally getting a new rep. Could you do me a big favor and make a pic with the AP and one of your Rolex so that I could see the different size, because this is the only thing I fear with my lady-like arms...
  5. I am sorry, that is a gen from a friend of mine which actually brought me to the situation to stop spending a sh** load of money on reps and collect money for this used up 5513 you can see in the pics above... I guess (and many of the older members feel the same) at some point you will need the real drug... here is another pic of that 1680: (don´t droll on the keyboard, I actually did when I saw it first...)
  6. Stupid me!! Pic above is with the 93150 and 580 endlinks. This is with the 9315 and the 380 endlinks. HUGH differences!!
  7. Thanks!! The faded insert is a beauty, here some pics in a better light. but what really gives the whole watch the special kick is the 380 endlink which makes the whole body look much smaller, like the old 5510 and 5508 ones. Never realised this before as I always had 580 endlinks on the 1680. On the other hand I was thinking about a rivited band, but I feel more secured with the Fliplock, so I think I will stick with the good old 9315... here is a bad pic I took last week, but you can see the case difference and the service insert: I already ordered 3 different T19s one from Clark, one gen (which might be the one with the less dome) and just to see how it looks one from mister slimball (wholesaleout).
  8. Hi guys, After a long time of just reading I finally got something new which is worth sharing: My new 5513: Here with the 9315 and with a new replacement insert Sadly the 9315 broke on the clasp so I have to wear it on a bond starp, but I hope to get a new 9315 soon... But I finally got a nice faded insert installed: Also a high domed tropic 19 is allready ordered. IMHO a nice daily beater...
  9. I also ordered a 5513 from Reg but because of the custom controlls in the past I go with the inner-europe shipping. really looking forward to mine... congrats on yours!
  10. in what universe are those cg pointed?
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