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  1. Tudor Monte Carlo build

    It looks very gen like
  2. Fake Tudor 7032 on Chrono24?

    I suppose the V7734 movement is gen
  3. Experts could you chime in. http://www.chrono24.com/en/tudor/porsche-chronographe-very-nice-conditions-full-set-ref-7032--id2488904.htm?query=Tudor+7032&suchen=Search&dosearch=true&searchexplain=1&resultview=list&dosearch=true&urlSubpath=/search/index.htm The dial look strange like a NDT or Phong dial. The crown is a 702 I think which is wrong and the bezel as well (look at the 400 and 140). Pushers might be replacement. What do you think? Cannot justify that price imo
  4. Turned out quite nice i think...

    Gen Patrizzi dial imho
  5. I want the same one!!! Congrats and wear it well
  6. Did you manage to print the DW overlay?
  7. Creme Explorer II 16550

    What movement do you use?
  8. Tudor 7032 modded by Rolex Addict

    Yeah. I met him and he's a very nice guy. Replied to all my questions gently. He's on every details and knows a looooot about vintage rollies
  9. Tudor 7032 modded by Rolex Addict

    This is DW subdial hands
  10. Matt really did an amazing work. Congrats and wear it well
  11. Help - Monte Carlo / DW Case Owners

    I'm interested as well by good replacement pushers. Let me know if you find it
  12. Tudor Monte Carlo 7032 - Help Needed

    The case is from David Wong. I suppose it is a gen valjoux 7734 but to be sure you should open the case back. The pushers and crown are not gen imho. Neither is the plexi. No mods were done
  13. Monte Carlo 7032 DWO

    I would be in for a printed DWO
  14. Am I a scammer?

    4 month is way too long!!! Don't give him a penny unless you know this member. Usual guaranty is 48h upon receival!