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  1. Woohoo....thanks for this.....orders pending. Never had an issue with Joshua
  2. It's been a while since I was last on the forum so firstly thank you Admins for not deleting my account 👍 Things look to have changed a little. Do you have to be a VIP to sell now? It's not a problem and I would love to pay. This forum helped me massively in choosing my watches and providing me with Trusted dealers. Anyway nice to be Home again. I am in the market for another PAM, can someone please let me know what Joshua's latest web addy is. Many thanks
  3. I had an Omega Lady Matic that was "waterproof" yet my wife wore it once in the shower and its kaput. I am waiting on a decision from a trusted dealer as to its replacement/ repair.
  4. Bell & Ross Day.......I have not worn this watch for over 6 months, but having outed a dude in Warrington England wearing one I felt the need to parade mine for a few weeks. I know it's a huge watch, but for some reason it feels comfy on the wrist, more so than some of my more infamous collection of watches Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  5. Going for the classic look Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. I have just taken delivery of this one today from Puretime. Not bad for $118 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  7. What's up with this baby, still going strong after 15 years........it dials numbers......that's what a phone does Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  8. I had a look at the others, but as a novice in this game have stuck here and so far I love it. A great source of information in search topics and up to date info on new releases ECT. I also found dealers on here communicate and the reviews on them are informative. TBO for me I don't need to go anywhere else. Well done RWG.CC
  9. Still wearing this bad boy until my white faced Transocean is fixed. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. ThePimp


    woof, every watch I have bought so far except the cheap quartz Transocean crono I got from Josh for $148 has been on the understanding that the more you pay the better the rep, including the movement. On this basis I am so tempted with the BK version, tis just a huge amount of money considering the case is the same as a $100 version according to Jkay. Tough decision my PayPal account may have to make
  11. ThePimp


    Wow, thats scary, I guess for those that want ultimate perfection the money is worth paying (in rep terms) for me though all I want is external looks and dial movement that replicates the original.
  12. ThePimp


    Are you saying all 3 are the same externally and that only the movement differs?
  13. Could someone please help me. I have ordered a watch from PT on the 26th May and seem to be getting fobbed off with emails to their general enquiry link with apologies for the delay in getting my watch but with no reason and very vague comments about my order. First time I have used this TD and so far I am not that impressed, took my money quick enough but comms are very poor compared to my usual source. If someone could pm me Angus's contact details I would be most grateful. Many thanks
  14. ThePimp


    Jkay the one on PC site is an Asian 3135 copy http://www.1-pc8838.com/000rlsd00088-deep-dweller-asia-3135-p-8307.html Is this the watch BK bases his mods from anyone?
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