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  1. Every rep I own has set me back about $350 on the low-end and $600 on the high-end. Every rep I purchase, I get serviced immediately which sets me back another $125 - $175 not including shipping and also depending on the rep. My personal belief (opinion) is if you purchase a rep you should already have someone in mind who will service it. I don't think the Asian movements are bad at all, but for the price you pay for a rep, you can't expect the QC as you would if you purchased a higher-end watch. This is the main reason I believe in getting the watch serviced the moment you get the watch into your possession. I think if you spent a lot (Relative) on the reps you have, then try to find someone to service them correctly. If not, just purchase some new ones. I'm sure the quality of the versions you have, improved since you made those purchases.
  2. lol to tripling your post! Congrats on the new phone purchase. How do you like the note?
  3. I would also agree with @netniet, the PAM 111 v3 is a great starting point. Another personal favorite of mine is the 127. I have had mine forever with no issues (I do get it serviced).
  4. Depending on where you're located would determine whether I would send it back or not. If you're in the states, I personally wouldn't send it back to the TD, customs might seize it. As far as fixing it goes, it might be something super simple for a watch smith to do. You might not need a new movement, and you might save money in the process by not having to by a new movement. If it is a rep you really like I would recommend getting it serviced anyways, the care reps are given in these factory's is not exactly great from what I hear. Most of the people who service them will tell you that they are poorly handled and almost all the time need to be cleaned and oiled. I hope this helps.
  5. Fitch, I love the contrast of the PVD with that Dirk strap, it's perfection.
  6. Did you ever pick one up from PT?
  7. So I decided to bring an old watch that was gifted to me, back to life. This watch is not the most fantastic time piece, however it has great sentimental value to me, this is why I thought I would invest a little into it. The watch itself is a Invicta 9211 Speedway Collection Chronograph, which itself comes with a stainless steel bracelet as seen in the pic below. I figured a nice way to give some taste to the watch would be to change the strap and man was I right (Opinion of course). The strap I chose to purchase was a Hadley-Roma MS913 Tan which retails for $49.95. I went to digging in the search engines and found it for $38.95 so I made the purchase. The goal was to find a quality strap that didn't cost more then the watch ($70.00 USD). Overall impressions are great! The material is solid, the build quality is precise, and the fit is even better. All in all I'm very happy with this purchase, I would highly recommend this strap to anyone on a budget. Please enjoy the few pictures below: From the factory Front Packaging Back Packaging Front buckle Back Buckle Front of Strap Back of Strap Strap on the Invicta 9211 Watch Mounted Rear of Watch Mounted Side of Watch Mounted I hope you've enjoyed this review.
  8. So I was trying to do some research the past few days, I came to the conclusion, I should probably ask the pros. How does the "Swiss Sellita SW 240 26J" hold up to the "Asian 2836-2 25J"? I am curious to know from a longevity perspective not accuracy. This is the comparison info I have: SW 200 = ETA 2824 SW 220 = ETA 2834 SW 240 = ETA 2836 SW 300 = ETA 2892 SW 500 = ETA/Valjoux 7750 Brands that already use Sellita movements Oris Meistersinger NivrelLimesInvictaSteinhartOcean7BathysSchaumburgArctosNauticfishMarcelloCChase Durer
  9. Looks amazing! Is that a Gen brown strap or a rep brown strap?
  10. Beautiful pieces.
  11. I personally think both look good and you can't go wrong with either.
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