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  1. Easily fixed everything else looks great..
  2. Lv insert is not avilable any more however he is working on a new one. Tc sub sans insert is readily available
  3. Tc sub or yachtmaster best rolex out of the box.. Also try pams 111,243,288 and on and on def super rep status..
  4. Both black and green gens have a glossy dial which gives it the shine effect.. Having owned the green dial rep in certain lighting the colors differ, imo the green disl is the more accurate of the two only because the black dial rep does not have the green datewheel. That being said they both have their flaws if you can live with it, i couldnt..
  5. Thats going to be a tough task, but they can be sourced..good luck
  6. Correct if im wrong but rolex lv bezel colors varied with serial years, so they are not all exactly the same anyway.. I have a tc lv and its a fantastic rep..i dont think its that easy to tell as one would think in the wild.enjoy it!
  7. Its on my tc sub, the circle is on the inside of the link i think the 3rd link from the clasp, the gen bracelets have the circle.
  8. Here are some, the first one is next to my gen 16613
  9. Bk sells dssd not seadweller classics..
  10. Same here..ordered bracelet just got confirmation on the 5. The octupus i got from a rwi member but ibelieve trevor has them
  11. For the price they are pretty good, a couple of mods likea tc bracelet,dw overlay go along way for this watch really take it up a step. I have an octupus check those out,the case and pearl are much better imo..
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