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  1. I'm glad to hear when people receive their orders. But there are so few of them, compared to those who made the order. The last message on the site of Louis is another promise that he will not fulfill, as well as the previous one. Send all orders before January 5th. @solitudex I'm sure that you will never hear from him answer. I've been sending messages to him almost every day. And not a single answer. I paid $ 950 and got [censored]. If I'm lucky and I can sell them, then in the best case I will refund $ 200
  2. I'll keep in touch. I hope that it will be possible to resolve this situation.
  3. Thank you. I already talked with @blackboxes he will try to establish contact with Louis.
  4. The biggest problem is that Louis ignores any of my messages by mail or in Telegram
  5. I have no reason to believe his message on the site. He posted it right after my letter, in which I told him - that I would tell everyone the truth about him. Pay attention to this part. However, the proof is not his and producing negative rumors here at RWI. I will post an article defending myself against that false claim. I get a lot of questions regarding this. But I got tired of making excuses and start to get angry. He just hates me and I don't even want to talk about it anymore. He is doing this in Korean communities and here because I don't sell watches to him. I do not understand why Louis ignores my messages. He did not send HQ photo before sending it, and sent the watch without my permission. He does not want to be responsible for his actions. Louis sent not that I paid money. Or am I wrong?
  6. I do not disassemble received watch. From photographs, he replaced the Swiss movement. But! In the description of what he sells, the frequency of movement is 2100 and not 1800 and the correct incablock. Louis just zametl bridges on the Swiss movement, using from the Asian. And put such mechanisms in watces. And before buying, he assured me that everything would be in accordance with the description, and he would send the extracted Asiatic movements as well. This is quite a normal price for the Swiss movement. On ebay you can buy Swiss 6497 from 200 to 300 USD
  7. Since many are users of several forums at the same time, I try to warn as many people as possible. I will be grateful if you give me contacts, those who can help me.
  8. I want to warn everyone, and maybe someone can help. If you care about your nerves and money, never buy at http://warchive.net, is a trusted dealer on RWI. I'll tell you my story of buying two PAM111Noob V4 Best Edition and two Swiss ETA Genuine 6497 with the installation in watchs Photo and description of the movement on the site. 10/13/17 I wrote a letter to Louie that I want to make a purchase. After discussing all the details on watch and movements (the extracted Asian movements had to be sent along with watchs). 10/22/17 I paid. A week later I wrote a few letters, asking about the status of the order. No response was received. 05.11.17 in two weeks, I finally received a response that movements are not available, we must wait. 09.11.17 received a message and photos about the arrival of two PAM111. And a request for confirmation of their use. After that, again ignoring my messages for two weeks. 23.11.17 received the message "I am sorry for being late." I will send you a photo of all the work done by tomorrow. " 25.11.17 received the message "I'm sorry bro. I honestly have not been able to swap your movement yet." You will also reproduce the following: I apologize to you. work by Monday If I am uncomfortable or uncomfortable with my work, I will give you a refund. "And the messenger is always open." Please contact the messenger and we will reply you immediately. " 27.11.17 I received a message about the beginning of the replacement mechanism. 06.12.17 I received a message and photos, that the process will be over soon. In the photos, I saw that the movements do not match the description. Not the correct beat frequency (1800 instead of 2100) and not correct incublock. I sent several letters indicating that the movements do not correspond to the description. That it does not suit me. That you do not have to send watchs without fixing the errors. Completely ignoring my messages. 12.12.17 I received a message that watchs and movements were sent. I sent several messages with a question, were the errors corrected? Completely ignoring my messages. 29.12.17 and 30.12.17 I received two boxes. When I discovered them, I was very upset and angry. Errors are not corrected and nebyli are sent movements that are removed from watchs. If the mechanisms were sent, I myself could try to correct the errors of at my masters. I wrote a message that I did not need the sent watchs, as it did not correspond to the description. And I want to return them. Again, complete ignoring of messages. Louie does not want to be responsible for her actions. He just wants to get money and send you something. I believe that Louie is very close to the scammer. Neither when do not have business with Louie and http://warchive.net Can someone help me in communicating with Louie and solving my problem? P.S. God knows, I did not want to write this post, but I had no choice. I sent Louie several messages asking him to answer, to remain an honest salesman and not to spoil his reputation. But apparently for Louie, decency and business reputation do not mean anything.
  9. Welcome to the forums aprell :)

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