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  1. mysterio

    Is 47mm too big

    Why wait for it to be the standard again? Just wear what you like.
  2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Actually, it's a rather interesting story. The original factory was called KW, or Kuvarsit Watch. Then around two years ago, the factory changed its name to V6F as it wanted to establish its separate identity. Then late 2016, early 2017, V6F decided to separate its operations into two sub factories, VSF and XF. VSF was supposed to be used for Panerai, XF for other brands (although this does not seem to be adhered to as XF has released PAMs as well). Back OT, the PAM213 Rattrapante is one of those grails because of the working functions and the rather extremely limited release, like dadog13 said only 80 were made (movement was expensive and it had a low yield, resulting to low margins even with the high $600 selling price prompting the factory to stop production) and even less were sold to forum members.
  3. mysterio

    Is 47mm too big

    Yes, there are no 47mm PAM Submersibles with bracelets and aftermarket options are not available (believe me I've tried). If your wrist is 8.25"-8.5" your wrist should rock a 47mm just fine. I have a puny 6.25" and I think it looks fine (or I'm just telling myself that LOL). Using the standard formula wrist size converted to mm divided by 4, your wrist can accommodate watches up to 53mm. If you want a more sporty look, there are kevlar/composite straps for 47mm PAMs with dive buckles. Some of the PAM submersibles can be ordered with that option. By the way, there are actually 2 44mm Submersibles with bracelets, the PAM106 and the PAM170.
  4. mysterio

    Pam Militare 587 two barrels

    It's just the case inaccuracy that is unfortunate. Everything else is good.
  5. mysterio

    Lefty Panerai

    PAM026, PAM217 and PAM569 would be my lefty recommendations. All super-rep worthy.
  6. Happy Birthday mysterio!

  7. mysterio

    Where to buy best Mirror PAM111?

    You can buy the PAM111N V3 from any dealer.
  8. Happy Birthday mysterio!

  9. mysterio

    New Site Banned by RWI

    I hope permanent.
  10. mysterio

    To those with Gen Croco's

    You might want to look at this store. Pugwash used one of those straps here. http://www.waccex.de/catalog/
  11. mysterio

    Another Skyland review

    Congratulations on the purchase.
  12. mysterio

    Newbie needing help please !

    Yep, pics of the watch when it arrives would be great. Congratulations on your first purchase.
  13. Hopefully when it does come, it will be at a lower price.
  14. mysterio

    Another fraud site?

    And ALL of their prices are half of the market price. Wow. LOL
  15. mysterio

    A.Langhe & Sohne

    I didn't notice it before but it seems there is a site that has a Lange 1 rep. Not 1:1 but it's a start. Lange 1 reps at idolreplicas.com