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  1. Hi I'm looking to mod my sub c! There's a couple of things let it down I feel! Bezel insert the numbers are too yellow! And the dial I would like to get a sunburst blue dial if possible or something close too it! And lastly I'm after a better bracelet as this one doesn't have gold on the ends of sel link and on clasp! It's an Asian movement! But runs great and the date mag is amazing one of the best I have had Is is there anyone in the U.K. Can help me mod this!
  2. Thanks can anyone help me on this? Don't really want to pay for a gen crystal!
  3. Hi just recently purchased a date just 2 from trusty time! Great watch love it. One issue is it don't seem to have AR coating on cyclops. Everything seams to reflect in it and it's really hard to make out the date sometimes! I feel it's the only thing letting the watch down! Whats the best fix? New crystal? If so where could I get one? Thanks guys
  4. That's what I'm thinking Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. This looks pretty dam good to me the guy selling it as a rep and says these are the pics. I think he is sending pics of a gen not the one he actually has for sale. He is wanting £180 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Happy Birthday Barkerp7!

  7. Hi Guys just recently paid for a platinum paint mod to be done on my noob sub from a member on here. Got the watch back looked great thought i would giver her a quick clean and polish with a slightly damp cloth!!!! and wow no more platinum paint All the paint just rubbed right off you can still see tiny bit left on the 40 marker. I paid for the mod to be done so very dissapointed? i have contacted the member dont want to mention any names yet but had no reply since friday. please see pic of watch now
  8. Will a crystal off a sub c or normal sub fit a date just 2?
  9. Hi Does anyone in the Uk know where I can buy a new/good condition Sub C bracelet? been looking high and low,
  10. Hi guys I'm looking to get my sub c platinum mod done. Is there anyone in the UK who could do this for me? Obviously I will pay for the work to be done and buy paint if needed
  11. Thanks droptop man il have a look
  12. any good suggestions where to find gen?
  13. looking like crazy but none about at the moment
  14. Hi Guys im in the process of building a lv and im looking for an insert. i have tried to contact TC but I appreciate he must be really busy. Can anyone help me out as where to buy a TC LV/Generic green insert that looks pretty close to gen. Or does anyone have one available? Cheers, Paul
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