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  1. Lovely dial. Did you relume it yourself?? Can I also ask where you got your spring bars from? Gen? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I'm in for a couple of pairs too if anyone manages to get them
  3. What dial is this? Stock or redial? It's a refinished dial on a singer plate. I've got another one that I'm going to sell in the sales corner
  4. Thanks Rick, that's making me think I might stick to a 36 then! Would be interested to see your finished 5513!!
  5. So here's the dilemma. I have a yuki dial ready to fit and need an ETA movement. I've searched high and low for a 2846 and low beat 287X and I have pretty much given up. I want to move the build on with a 24 or 36 as they are readily available and then switch to low beat if one ever comes available. I know that most of the cartels are available with a 36 but I would like to fit a TC 2824 if possible. The main problem I can see is the stem height to dial. Would this be an issue? Is there a mod I can use to fit it? Any info would be appreciated!!
  6. Nice dial, where did you get that from? It also looks like the grove in the bracelet link to the sel is missing? How did you get rid of that?
  7. Bezel Assy has arrived. Thank the Lord for trusted dealers !! [emoji106]
  8. How did you get on?? Can you confirm which one of the 2 sizes you picked?? 300 or 302?
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