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  1. Hello everyone, greatly appreciate the help. I have just purchased a watch on eBay, for $1450 US for a carrera CV2010-1 and the auction said it comes with box and papers. once it arrived the papers were not attached and so i contacted the seller and asked him to send them to me. he has responded by saying he made a mistake and this watch has no papers. he has offered a full refund or alternatively 210 NZ dollars back and i keep the watch. but this has now made me think the watch is fake. can anyone have a look at the images and tell me if this is real or not. remember this is the cv2010-1 (the early model) thanks for your time and responses everyone.
  2. I am so new - but this is un-real - well done - what an achievement - a great way to have a gen watch. but out of curiosity - you should basically have two watches now - a gen and a rep - it seems you have built from scratch . I bow to you good sir!. ha
  3. Welcome to the forums bluezach :)

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