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Found 34 results

  1. Hi all, I've just ordered my first rep, an aquaracer calibre 5 in blue from Trusty Time. If anyone is interested i'll post some pics and a short review once it arrives. Cheers
  2. Hi guys I purchased a Tag Aquaracer calibre 5 from Andrew @ trusty time a few months ago and I'm very happy with the watch. The only thing that I would like to improve is the quality of the numbers and pearl on the bezel. I'm absolutely new to horology, so wondered if somebody would point me in the right direction to a) purchase a new bezel insert and b) perhaps a good tutorial on how to carry the swap out? I've added an image of the watch for reference. Thanks in advance Best, Andy
  3. Hi all, I've just ordered my first rep, an aquaracer calibre 5 in blue from Trusty Time. If anyone is interested i'll post some pics and a short review once it arrives. Cheers
  4. Hello, Like to check what is the issue with my gen tag heuer F1 grande date. The issue is that the watch will only run for about a day before it stop abruptly. I would need to unscrew the crown and adjust the time and the hand will continue to work again. This is frustrating as i need to do it every day. The battey is perfectly fine as i swap and tested a couple of them. I am using the recommended renata battery. I am reluctant to send this in to tag heuer as the warranty has expired. Any recommendations for a diy fix? Thanks! Model is cah1010
  5. Hi guys just thought I would post a pic of my 6yr old Carrera , still going strong , can't remember what site but obviously long gone now,you hear so many bad stories but I had a good experience . Tagman1
  6. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph Quartz Grande Date Date CAF101F.BA0821 Designed and developed by professional divers, this Aquaracer represents TAG Heuer's historical dedication to scuba diving and extreme sports. Rep-Picture: Gen - pics The Original: Stainless steel case and bracelet. Unidirectional stainless steel bezel. White dial with luminous hands and index hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Luminescent hands and markers. Date displays at the 12 o'clock position. Three subdials - 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 1/10th of a second with sweeping hand. Swiss Ronda Quartz movement/ ETA 251.262. Scratch resistant, AR sapphire crystal. Screw down crown. Case diameter: 43 mm. Case thickness: 13 mm. Deployment clasp. Water resistant to 300 meters/ 1000 feet. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph. The Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer Grande Date: The fit, finish, function and quality of this Tag Aquaracer Chrono are exceptionally good and it is one of the most accurate 1:1 replications I have seen by comparison to web-pictures of the gen. It features a claimed Swiss Ronda Quartz movement as the gen and the same sweeping 1/10 second hand. It´s one of the rare cases the only two reasons to buy the real thing would be the water resistance to 300 meters and the Box set. Until a side-by-side comparison with a Gen is available here are my impressions. The reviewed sample was provided by Sead/Supermirrors, 30 days from order to arrival before X-mas, well packaged with protective covers on the dial and backside at a cost of 239 USD plus shipping. For the quality-feel, the lume and the gen-likeliness of what You get this price is perfectly justified as the top-movement alone already costs 130 USD (at Esslinger.com) Available in black or white. Tag Logo: It shows the 2 arrows on the G Accuracy: +/- 2 seconds per month, not measurable 0,064 secs per day Quality/feel: Impressive, apart from the AP V5 Diver it’s the best overall quality I found in a rep. meaning Chronopushers, stem, time-setting, screw-down crown working smooth and precise as a gen. Not only looks but also feels like a gen which is great; Bezel: Outer, unidirectional rotating 60 minute S/S brushed bezel with 2 clicks per minute to count elapsed or remaining time up to 1 hour. Sits tight and well, rotates easily, precisely and fast with somewhat loud clicks (easy to count by audition). The engraving is good and filled with black. The luminous pearl at 12´ together with the marker at 12´ provide a nice nighttime effect for locating the 12´ position; The inner bezel with the detailed minute count is highly polished S/S and fixed. Lume: Best overall and visible lume, the same on the hands and stickers of a quartz-replica; specially being a Chrono; the same as on gen – pictures. This is a serious reason to prefer this model when choosing a quartz movement. on Nato-Strap Lumeshot compared to AP 15400 BP Maker Lumeshot compared to Rolex Seadweller Chrono: The main second hand is locked at the 12´ position unless You use the chrono. This is a perfect feature because You don´t have a big ticking hand to look at, this was one of the reasons to buy it quartz in the first place. The running seconds tick visibly at 3´ position if You look directly at the subdial. If the eyes are looking either to the big date at 12´or the 6´ encircled subdial You can´t tell. The minute counter scaled to 30 is at the 9´position. Best chrono feature: Sweeping (!) 1/10 seconds are displayed at the 6´position. This hand sweeps flawlessly (no ticking) and very fast measuring 1/10 seconds for the first minute. (Check out a video on youtube) After the first minute it stops sweeping and starts measuring the hours elapsed. Date: Big date display in 2 windows – one for each datewheel - at 12´, nice feature, perfect visibility Caseback: Same as gen (!) Nice, crisp and deep engravings with very high quality of the divers helmet, perfect lettering and engraving. It is quite beautiful also in my opinion. Bracelet: Double locking fold over clasp and easy to use (just push open) divers extension. It has 3 working positions for micro-adjustment on the clasp which is a big plus. Off the wrist it rattles. On the wrist its silent, feels very comfortable and holds the watch well. Actually it feels solid and perfect because of the micro-adjustement possibility and fits the watch case well. Its easy to remove and fix the bracelet on the case. It took time and was quite difficult to remove the link pins – it´s the Heuer system with a tight-sitting pin fixed by a small tube in the middle which Omega also used and nasty to play with. If You bang on the pin-removal tool with pliers or a small hammer they come out after a while and in the end it was easy and without any scratching of the links, but before this broke my (cheap) screw pin removal apparatus (as it happens often with Tag gens by the way as seen on Youtube) and had it on a Nato-strap for some days so its better to have one of those around when You get the watch. Divers extension inner clasp detail outer clasp Weight: 175 grams including bracelet (some links removed) Case: measured 10´ to 4: 43 mm Dial: measured 10´to 4´: 31 mm Thickness: 12,06 mm exactly Size measurements for the Gen differ from site to site with 43 and 44 mm as well as 12,3, 13 and 14 for the thickness Size comparison to the PAM 212 Flyback Chrono and the Rolex Sub- Ceramic Final thoughts: It is a high-quality Watch bordering the super-rep status for its likeliness to the original. The big date is very well readable, the luminiscence is good and the 1/10th second sweeping hand is a joy to look at. It wears solid and comfortable and has a good weight. The overall quality is superior to many lower priced generally known genuine brands. The quartz movement itself is very shock-resistant by its nature so this should last for a very long time. As this is a replica forum in my opinion this is one of the most believable replicas available because of the pricetag of the gen too. The possibility of this TAG even being a rep never even crossed my mind. I “believe” it’s a gen, that´s how good it is. If You are looking for a reliable quartz watch in black or white this surely is one of the best options. Thanks to all reading this first attempt at a review until the end. If You liked this or found this review useful please post a comment or leave a thumbs up.
  7. Recieved my Tag 1887 today from Ryan at Intime , must say he has been a delight to deal with, looking forward to my next purchase with him. Added my own leather strap and I must say it looks a nice piece. Tagman1
  8. I have found this watch CAR2A10.BA0799 offered with different prices from different TDs. For example: Here is 428$:http://v.yupoo.com/p...lbums/20487473/Here is 378$:http://www.pf-818.com/-p-16905.html1- Do you think that they are %100 same?2- Some writes "2013 Carrera 1887 Latest Edition!!!. But I have also heard that there is a newer Version (2015?). Does someone know sth about it? Where to find or what the differences are?3- I always hear "Choose your TD, they will find you what you want". But, are that little price differences showing indirectly the reliability of TDs?Thank you in advance for your answers.
  9. http://www.intime.co/tag-heuer/2368-carrera-cal1887-chronograph-41mm-ss-v6f-1-1-best-edition-white-dial-on-ss-bracelet-cal1887.html Hi guys , on my way from ordering the above watch from intime,can anyone give me any advice on what to look out for, they seem like an honest bunch, letting me know they are stock photos but can expect same quality, any advice welcome. Kind regards Tagman1
  10. Hi Guys, I'm hoping one of you would be able to lend some expertise. I recently inherited an old Heuer from my granddad. I'd like to find out some more information about it. I've taken it to a vintage watch specialist in London and he wan't able to tell me a great deal about age or its history. He tried opening the back with a rubber grip and couldn't get in, which suggested to him it's not been opened before and all the parts on the face are probably the originals. He also said that despite the strap material breaking down, it doesn't look like it has been worn much. The watch was found in a box in a drawer in a basement and I don't ever remember my granddad wearing it so this may well be true. I wondered if anyone could help me identify it? And any rough indication of worth? Thank you in advance
  11. A sort session of this tag, thanks ToroBravo´s...this watch is impressive
  12. http://www.hodinkee.com/articles/my-thoughts-on-the-tag-heuer-connected-smartwatch-by-kevin-rose-video I don't mind it, but I'd much rather a "real" tag.
  13. This is my collection at this very moment. Some of these are from the a previous raffle that I was lucky enough to win. Thanks Mike on a bike btw. I also have couple cheapies I'm about to sell that didn't make it into the pics, but they will be gone soon. Omega Railmaster XXL Omega 300 Master Co-Axial IWC PIlot Chrono 3717 Vac Lumed IWC Portuguese Ardoise Rolex DSSD AP T3 Titanium Bell & Ross BR-126 Heritage w/ gen strap Tag Heuer Monaco Rose Gold Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Tudor Pelagos
  14. I'm having a dilemma. I already own a Monaco (WW2110) and whilst I like it, I'm not sure if I love it. It's a beautiful looking watch, but maybe a bit too removed from the originals, a bit too 'refined' if you know what I mean. A CS2110 has come into my possession, it needs a new plexi, and a new strap, but it's the Heuer original re-issue. Closer to the original version (or at least as close as I'm gonna get without shelling out £4k) Two questions... 1. How does everyone else feel about the evolution of the Monaco? It certainly has a distinctive look, (I'm no Steve McQueen wannabe, chasing ever more expensive and slightly more authentic re-issues) but are the designers chasing their tail a bit too much? 2. Is the CS2110 something that is worth holding onto over the WW2110? I like them both, but for different reasons. But I can't hold onto both, so which would you guys keep? Rob
  15. So I've been here for quite a while now and I thought it was about time I did my show & tell for the class those of you that know me or have dealt with me know I have a particular weakness for dive watches and lately that has gone off a touch and I've bought a couple dress watches just for a change, I joined here and had no interest in Rolex or Tudor neither brand did much for me...........boy how times change! Tried to give a little info on each piece I have so bear with me if I go on a bit First up is my Super Ocean Steelfish from Sead late last year, A2836 movement on mesh, fantastic Ar on this one and wears nice Next is a new one this week, Frederique Constant Peking to Paris Chrono Loved the look of this piece since I tried it on at the AD last year but here in Oz the rrp meant it was way over priced imo, so after searching around on and off for the last 9 mths I eventually found one brand new with box etc and snapped it up, thanks to a certain member who knows who he is getting it here was swift and pain free too it's one of 1888 made and is what I consider to be a great value Gen piece! Gotta love that caseback The Jlc Navy Diver is one of my favorite pieces, I bought this from a m2m sale here, it has the A2824 movement and I have it on donerix Black Shark at the mo which is really comfy.....if your thinking of getting one of these don't hesitate they are fantastic Seamaster Pro, the watch that brought me to RwG looking around to make sure I didn't buy a rep online made me look up the tells on here and after a couple weeks I found this Omega Smp for sale, it was one of 2 Smp's I picked up in the same week or so, kept the quartz as I preferred the look of the dial and sold the 2220 on (silly boy) can't buy one for reasonable money now! Love the red seamaster writing and the dial is just fantastic looking, would love to AR the crystal at some stage Planet Ocean Ceramic, had a couple of these now in both sizes, amazing quality and my only niggle is with the 42mm date window, it just looks unfinished..... easier to rep though and I will def get the orange 42 when it settles down a bit, they are such a great piece! The Orient Mako XL wasn't on my wishlist until a short time ago, I was half pissed and looking at some nice wrist shots from other members and this one caught my eye......you know how the rest goes.......cracking piece mind and yes it gets plenty of wrist time too, great value for money piece and waterproof too Pam029, I got this one from Andrew early last year, it has the Asian movement and has kept decent time since, awesome looking dial and great presence on the wrist always gets other people's attention I have it on a Gen black leather strap most of the time but recently got this Asso strap off the bay cheap as chips, oiled it and that's it Mbw Patek Nautilus I picked up recently on here from a great member, it's got the swiss movement and importantly for me the closed caseback love the dial because it changes so much when you wear it from blue to grey to black fantastic Rolex Mbw GwsD, this one came from a really nice guy on here and has had a few mods in it's time, it's the old style case set with reworked cg's, Gen Crown/tube,insert/pearl,crystal great looking piece and probably gets less wrist time than it deserves My first modded watch and one that J built for me out of nothing really, picked up a cheap movement on the bay and a case from one of the guys here sent that to him and he sent this back been a beater for me ever since Tc Sub is really one of my first expensive reps that I was lucky enough to buy, at the same time one of our members came up with a gen insert for me and voila a rep that is imo 98% of the gen all day long! Hasn't missed a beat since I bought it and gets out of the box regularly, love it if you only buy one sub rep make sure it's this one ! My blue Ceramic, what a great looking piece this one is, I got this one from member sale here it has the Sa3135 clone movement in it and had a dial swap from the std Angus to BK dial done by Dom, cracking piece and the clasp is first rate too.. Gmt's gotta love em I reckon this is my fourth one so far, first one went south immediately from Trevor the hands were touching the crystal and scratched the crap out of it, picked up another and then sold it as I picked up this modded one from over on Rwi, if you ever think your parcel is lost in transit think again (at least for a while) this one took 3 months to get to me! So long in fact that I forgot I had it and only took a pic in the group shot had a full relume by strodda including the bezel and it's great ! did I mention I started off with no interest in Rolex or Tudor ........... So this Tudor sub was bought from a member here, it came modded already started with a 5512 donor then had a 2770 movement put in along with Gen service dial and yuki hand set, I added a Gen crystal and Gen crown to finish it off, love it and it just looks right now with the crystal swap Tudor Snowflake, my first build from scratch and one that I couldn't have attempted without the help of some of the members here, I gained a heap of experience doing this one and boy it was fun getting the piece to where it is atm started off with a PC 5513 donor, put in a 2846 movement along with a dial from the bay, correct hands came from J, Clark T19 crystal, Gen 703 crown (so needs a 702) tube from J, was all put together and vintagised (is that a word) by J who drilled the lugholes for gen bars and engraved the caseback, put it on 580 endlinks which fit perfect and a tc v2 clasp and she's good to go, love the piece but not sure as yet if I like the vintage lume.....we'll see eh! Tudor Heritage Qtz was picked up recently on a m2m sale next door from fana05 who I must say looked after this one brilliantly, it's one of my cheaper buys but bloody hell it's an awesome piece, if you can lay your hands on one of these grab it, you will love it I missed this 9411 the first time it was for sale and was gutted, luckily the member who bought it gave me another crack at buying it and I'm so glad he did from what I gather it's a phong case set, Yuki dial and hand set, Gen crown/tube, crystal, Gen insert with Yuki pearl Gen movement and Gen spring bars, the bracelet it came with looks like a mix of Gen and rep but is way too small for my wrists! I bought a Gen clasp for it I'm just looking now for some 501 endlinks (gen prfd if you have any pm me) beaut piece and dare I say a keeper Mbw Tudor no date build was underway when I got the one above so I carried on with it mainly because I liked the look of the black dial without the date, it's a newer 5512 case set with a swiss 2836 movement, Yuki dial and hands set and a Gen crystal which makes the dial look awesome, the bezel on this one is really fat and gives it a different look from what I have already, not sure why that is but perhaps someone can enlighten me I'm trying to find a Gen blue insert for it atm to get the look I'm after (first pic) wish me luck ! Steinhart Ocean Vintage Gmt, with the 2893-2 movement a beaut piece that I wear quite regular, it's really comfy and even though I'm used to smaller watches it feels right on the wrist, great brand and excellent value for money the lume is amazing too Tag 500M I bought from Angus has been modded by Vac with cyclops removal, double AR and a full relume, waterproofed to 7atm drove me half way to mad waiting for it to be modded but bloody hell was well worth the wait time, the lume job is spot on and screams Gen, that along with the double AR makes this a keeper and regular on the wrist, love it Borrowed lume shots by jkay (takes much better pics than me ) Tissot PRS516, this watch is so understated it's not funny has a great quality feel to it and exudes class with the fuss free dial, I can wear this with anything and go diving too Few group shots.............are you bored yet I must say a big thank you to all the members on Rwg both past and present who have helped me along the way since I became a regular here, their contributions to the forum have been a godsend for me a special thanks to Jmb for putting up with me and building some great pieces, to woof to for holding my hand through my builds and generally being a great guy and to everyone else who I know especially Mike who keeps me from myself buying too many watches it really is a great forum and it's a pleasure to be here. I hope you enjoyed a look into my watch collection and hope it helps you make some choices for yourself further down the line
  16. T222


    I got this some days ago. The Crystal was a little "foggy" inside, so yesterday I took the watch apart, and cleaned the Crystel inside. Now it looks like this:
  17. Hey Everyone I recently bought a lovely gen Monaco (Calibre 6, non-chrono, black face, seconds at 6) and I love it. Problem is the guy who owned it previously didn't care for it the way it should have been cared for. He obviously thought that a lovely crocodile strap should be worn in the shower, gone swimming with and never fed. The result is that it has dulled significantly. Not everywhere, just patchy dull. I'd like to restore the original leather sheen, but I have a feeling that no amount of Beeswax is gonna bring back the lustre, it looks like patches of very matt leather. I had thought of resealing it with something like Eco-Flo Satin Sheen or Super Sheen. Anyone have any experience of dealing with a seriously dulled strap, or any experience of the above products? Rob
  18. Hi, I'm looking to hobby and purchase my first rep, after researching I feel this forum could offer sound advise. I know there are many many sites out there, I have also come across a few individuals that specialise in not only a particular brand but a particular model, this is very appealing as if they have a passion for a particular model then they would create the best reps. As I mentioned I am looking to obtain my first rep, I am not fussed on make or model but more on quality, I would appreciate your expertise on this and any advise you could provide for what you thing is the best rep out there, you are welcomed to post pictures. Many thanks.
  19. I am buying my dad a 50th bday pres he deserves it lol However he has a keen eye and if he knew it was rep he wouldn't wear it I need a tag 1:1 rep with box and certificate. Is it even possible to get one with Swiss movement??
  20. I have long been attracted to the Aquaracer Auto Chrono Date only version because it nicely fit my relatively small wrist. The watch itself is 41.5mm. Having tried on the upgraded version with Day-Date, I felt a little too big for me. This older version has been sold out from official Tag stores where I live and I could not find any replica of this watch - only Day-Date version is available. Correct me if I'm wrong here. This is perfect candidate to be my outdoor-active watch as oppose to my current dress watch mini-collection. Now I found a seller selling a second hand GEN and I would love to hear from the community here of what you guys think of it. Here are the photos: Love to hear you comments here. Cheers!
  21. Hi guys, as some may of already read in the link below, I received my Tag Heuer Carrera Chrono today from Trevor, and promised in that thread I would post some eye candy of the watch, and share with you my impressions of this timepiece.. For those who have yet to read it, here's the TD Review of my buying experience from Trevor. The watch came very well packaged, and 11 days from payment to wrist. http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/157299-first-purchase-from-trevor-and-delighted-with-my-watch/ Onto the watch. This is the Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Automatic rep with [email protected], and fully functional chronograph. It's the plain black dial model, with black bezel, stainless steel bracelet, and see-thru case back. I was already well informed on the flaws of this rep (thanks to the many of you who have shared their experiences with this model, and reviews of it), and I have to say, although knowing of them did not put me off my purchase at all, as I really loved the look of this rep. Kind of reminded me on an old Swatch I had many moons ago, but better Upon receiving the watch, it had all its protective covering on, the bracelet, dial, bezel, and back case all were protected. My first impressions of opening the package was wow, just wow, what a beautiful watch, it reaps of quality, weight solid feel, and certainly has prescence on the wrist. Talking of which, the bracelet needs a link removing as it wears a little loose for my liking, so if anyone would like to share on a good pin removal tool, that would be great. In case you are unaware of the flaws/tells of this model Tag, they are as follows.. 1. The letter G of the name TAG on the dial above the day/date window is missing it's pointy arrows that the gen has. 2. Blue screws in the movement are visible through the case back window. Gen are silver screws. 3. The rotor of the movement has the incorrect amount of bevels engraved, two or three less than gen. 4. The red paint used on the tips of the chronograph big hand, and the smaller hands of the 6&9 sub-dials are a darker red colour than gen, the gen is more of a bright blood red. Given the above flaws/tells, as said earlier, these alone did not put me off buying this rep, its stunning in the flesh, and my photos below simpley don't do it justice. The bracelet, and clasp are of great, solid quality, with a positive click fasten and unfasten of it's clasp. Good engravings. Anyway, I have a bad habit of rambling on, especially about something I have passion for, and that is watches. Ok ok, I hear ya! Onto the eye candy. I tried to capture this watch as well as I could for you all, sorry about the smudges etc, enjoy, and thanks for reading/looking.
  22. Just pull the trigger on this one and both excited and nervous about my first watch. 260 plus shipping from Josh. below are qc pics of which i requested to have the hour markers readjusted. will post more pics when i get it.
  23. i bought a Tag Calibre 16 from Josh and posted the QC pics. then discovered, with some help, that the 6 hr mark is a bit crooked and the rest of the hour markers are uneven with their spacing from the edge (right side markers have more space and the left side markers are right on the edge). so i mentioned this to josh who said he'll correct. he sent 2nd set of QC pics which i told him has the same problem and now the 3rd set of pics....same thing! pics below. so my question is whether i just need to accept the watch or what do i do here? i understand that being too aggressive to TD's is not good and i should be patient but then do i just accept the watch as it is? what is the norm or protocol here for something like this? pics comparisons below. 3 sets of qc pics sorted by angle. please understand i'm not trying to make this difficult but just trying to figure out what the protocol is. i do understand that this is a rep and am not looking for the perfect watch like gens but i thought that the looks should be good. this was a "not-lite" version as the price was $260.
  24. Friends and Experts I am pretty new to the REP market...just got my second rep from TT and awaiting the watch. First being - PAM 332 Limited edition expendables watch(a definite super-rep) and now waiting the Brietling Skyland Avenger Black Chrono(a very good rep). Just wanted to know which are the SUPER REPS available in the market today? Can someone please guide. Brand doesnt matter I know there are some very good Subs and some Pams around as a super rep. Anything else in Rolex, Brietling, Tag etc?
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