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  1. Hi guys, my first rep a Breitling Seawolf has arrived and even though it's a fantasy model the built quality has won me over, the only problem is that it doesn't fit my massive wrist. So I was wondering if any of you guys know where one would go find extra links that will fit rep SS bracelet. Thanks
  2. Hi All- I was fortunate enough to purchase a GEN 3719 a few months ago, its on the rubber strap and while I like it the steel bracelet is a must and I'm trying to find one. Does anyone know if the REP bracelet will fit the GEN case? Anyone have a Aquatimer GST bracelet they don't use and I can buy? Thanks!
  3. Ok, so I bought a SOSF last year m2m, which came on a rubber strap. I recently purchased a beautiful Pro 2 bracelet for it. I go to install it, and the 147A end link pins don't line up with the lug holes on the case. I did a good bit of research on this problem, and from the limited info I could find, I learned that the SOSF comes with 134A end links when a Pro 2 is fitted. Here's the strange part: I was carousing through sales threads "next door", and found this pic. It shows a 147A used on a Superocean! (top pic) https://www.dropbox.com/s/akoq9ds0sb6imvp/2016-04-07%2006.11.16.png?dl=0?raw=1 I can't find 134A end links by themselves anywhere. And, I don't want to buy another Pro 2 WITH 134A's on it, only to find they won't fit either. FTR, I don't which factory my watch came from. I only know it has a dg2813 in it, which I replaced with same soon after purchase. Also it has the usual "wrong blue" dial, and does not say "swiss made" like some do under the 6. Here's a pic of my watch if it helps: (bottom pic) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vzxs279k8o2dti/2016-04-07%2017.27.05.jpg?dl=0?raw=1 Can anyone please enlighten me as to what may be the solution to my problem? Much thanks guys. Cheers!
  4. Designed and start make stingray and python leather cord bracelets for AP and other watch. Started make for myself.
  5. I think I found a pretty cool bracelet on eBay in my search for something decent but moderately priced. I found this bracelet on eBay that piqued my interest. It was labeled as an aftermarket replacement bracelet from ETX. The last link and endlinks are stamped ETX where thy typical Rolex references would be. This confused me a bit but the clasp looked to me like it was obviously authentic Rolex even though the seller had marked the whole bracelet as aftermarket. After coming back to the sale a few times it was tempting. The sides were brushed and the endlinks looked exactly like 580s minus the stamp. I could see that he had listed the bracelet at $150 OBO, so I said screw it and offered him $100, he went for it. So it arrived yesterday and I think I scored something pretty sweet. The links and endlinks are definitely aftermarket, but very heavy and very smooth with nice smooth edges. Lightyears ahead of any rep bracelet. And the clasp, to me looks gen. I don't see why a company who bothered to brand their links ETX would then make a replica clasp and it is definitely not like any rep clasp I have. It is fairly aged and rebrushed to the point where the coronet has lost some of its definition, but I think it's cool and matches the age of the watch. For $100 I'm not complaining, it's only about $25 more then Yuki and the clasp alone is worth probably $150 if it is gen. I did have to borrow the divers extension and one link from my cartel bracelet as it was a touch too small and the divers extension that came with the ETX links was again not branded. That further makes me think the clasp is gen. Anyway, here are some pics. Tell me what you guys think.
  6. Hi friends, i am looking for a President bracelet for a midsize Datejust, 31mm. Cant find one. Just the bracelets for the normal Datejust models. Is there any Source? I ´ve heard Riyi002 have some bracelet. Hope u guys can help me thx Addi
  7. How does it fit? Any extra gap at the endlinks? Does this JF bracelet http://www.torobravo...product_id=1166 fit well a V5? There are any other bracelet versions for the Diver available? Thank you.
  8. Hi fellas, got a problem with my old Daytona from 2004. Watch runs perfect, just a 21J inside, but modded. But the clasp is wack. The springbars fall out, because the little holes are not deep enough. I tried to get a new bracelet, but i haven´t found one. My endlinks are massive and the most bracelet that i´ve found are not massive. So here are my questions: 1. Can i fix the problem with the clasp, if i drill the holes a lil bit deeper? 2. Can i change my old massive endlinks to a new bracelet? How? Because there are no visable screws. Hope you guys can help me! Bye Mecko ps: Here are some (bad pictures):
  9. Dear all, before I start I want to thank this really nice community! I already bought some nice pieces here from some members and met some really friendly people - Also from Germany or Netherlands. Lots of support here!! I did not know that the scene would be so big in Germany too. Sorry to copy and paste that from my other two threads. But I am really impressed here! So this time no work log. I just want to show you my daily watch I bought from "dutchguy2" and of course I would love to read your feedback and I have one question. Specs: SSD V2 GEN crown CGs trimmed by Jackjo Bezel insert shaved by Jackjo Watchmaterial pearl installed by Jackjo Caseback and crown seal lubed by Jackjo Bracelet Lubed and buffed by Jackjo Relumed with Tritec C1 super luminova Movement serviced and regulated to +2 seconds a day First questions: What else should I change to GEN? I think this is already close to perfect. Might only consider a GEN insert with pearl. What do you say? The bracelet does not look as good compared to a GEN watch. What is closer to GEN? This? Any other ideas? I do not like the space between the links. Depending on the year of the watch I do not need to drill holes for the drill lug holes, right? So what are your thoughts? Any other ideas or hints or feedback? Thanks!!
  10. My WSO 580 endlinks arrived and I am trying to get these to fit with my Puretime 1680 case and gen spec bars. Here is my problem: The end pieces accept the bars just fine, and when I install them it feels like the tips of the pins are engaging with the interior chamfer of the lugholes, but for the life of me I cannot get the pins to engage further and fully snap into the actual hole. This is a much better fit than my original Puretime endlinks, which didn't even allow the tips to come close to the holes, but it still isn't acceptable. The underside of the WSO endlinks also fits flush against the underside of the case, whereas the underside of the original Puretime endlinks was angled. Overall the WSO looks like a more professional and well designed fit - cleaner. Is there something else I should be doing with these? I have tried pushing on the ends to try to get them to engage. I have tried pushing towards the case while wiggling, I have tried pushing up and down, and from different angles. Am I missing a simple step here? Do these need to be bent or sanded? Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys, urgently need your help wit authentication of this 78360 bracelet with 558B end links, LT10 clasp code think (2009 year). Recently purchased this piece on Ebay, yes I know.. It's still sealed and looks 100% authentic to me.. Please help. Sorry for bad photos, this is all my phone can do Thank you!
  12. Hi guys, Any idea where I can get best rep 78360 bracelet with 501B or 558 endlinks shape? Last one I got from Maria but it was 7836 (folded links)...not the best one. Thank you in advance!
  13. ...a good bracelet for my SD 4000. The watch itself is great, scary close to gen. But the bracelet...well...different story...see yourself A watch looking so great deserves a better bracelet than this. Problem is...I have no clue where to source one
  14. Saw this over at vintage rolex market... Can anyone shed any light? http://www.network54.com/Forum/207673/message/1420467476/FS-+ROLEX+9315+bracelet+w-+280+ends+12+links+super+nice+condition+%282+X%29+....+USD1180+each
  15. Just about to start my very first modding journey, an Explorer 1016. Recently purchased it from Trusty via another RWG member. Was advised to go for JMB bezel and T22 Crystal (on their way) and have been looking at gen crowns and a gen bracelet. Was considering a relume, but then figured a 30 year old watch isn't gonna have much lume left anyway. If I'm going for a vintage gen look, what's the best mods I can go for?
  16. Someone MUST have switched to rubber or leather and feel the need to unload... I hope.
  17. The watch was a custom order Rolex in the 1970's; it's the only white gold daytona Watch pictured is from here: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/talking-watches-with-john-goldberger
  18. I have a ceramic sub from Josh, and the bracelet has developed issues that I am unable to put right; the glide lock clasp isn’t working properly (its slipping) causing the watch to become loose, while I’m wearing it, and the ‘security clasp’ has become detached (I have the part, but I don’t have a spring bar with which to refit it). Can anyone recommend who I can get in touch with on this forum to fix my bracelet, or, does anyone have a functioning bracelet for a 116610 that they can sell me? Looking forward to hearing from you.
  19. Hello All, I bought the BP Sub a couple weeks ago. I am super happy with it, beautiful watch. Until recently, all good, all of a sudden however, the bracelet started squeaking pretty badly. Whenever I shake my wrist or move it, it squeaks. It is annoying but above all gives a pretty cheap impression. My questions are. 1. Is this normal? 2. Has anyone else experienced this? 3. How can I fix it? ......I tried applying baby oil on the link I believe was making the squeaking but I don't hear any improvement.
  20. Hello All! I am extremely new to this but I am a huge fan of the Rolex Submariner with Black Dial Ceramic Bezel. I am reading these posts and have no idea what BP and Noob mean. . . I am trying to find the best Replica out there..Correct bezel, Face Font, Chromolite Lume, Aligned Pearl, AR Crystal, 2.5X cyclops, date font, Correct bracelet with glidelock clasp and markings, best size and weight, and of course movement.. Which should I buy and who should I buy it from?? I've been looking at Trusty Time's website...Does he sell the best? Let me know! All your help is huge, and if any of you have pics that would be great.
  21. Is this worth the bait? or should I get a rep/bracelet from TDs? http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/Stainless-Steel-Bracelet-Links-Strap-to-fit-Audemars-Piguet-Royal-Oak-Offshore-/161085346106?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWatches_GL&hash=item25816f513a
  22. So I know I'm gonna get some stick for this but it's doing my head in so here goes As most of you probably know I have a Tudor Snowy date that we think is a Phong case set (pic below) the piece came with a mix of Gen/Rep 7836 bracelet and 382 end links and the fit is perfect albeit no way near big enough for my 7.5 inch wrist, so no biggie I thought I'll put a Gen clasp and 93150 bracelet on it and all good............not happening atm I can't seem to get the 580 end links to fit properly !! I'm not sure if I even have the right end link (should it be 380) or if it's not fitting up for another reason Been giving it a go on and off for a couple weeks and yes I feel such a knob cause I can't fit up a bracelet properly......honestly it's the first time it's happened Should I be getting some 380 or what maybe 501 instead ? Just don't want to keep ordering loads of the bloody things If you can help would be greatly appreciated desperate to wear this on a bracelet !
  23. Just picked up a very nice resale IWC 3717 rep with the SS bracelet, but have one small problem - too small, so I need to put the extra 3 links in, normally no big deal. BUT - only have one pin, and need 2 more. Anyone know where I could buy a couple of the pins by any chance? Took it o my watch guy, but he didn't have anything that would fit, unfortunately. Any help would be most appreciated - dying to wear it and can only look at it longingly right now!! Thanks!
  24. Dear friends, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d let everyone know of a fantastic experience that I’ve had recently with www.watchworx.co.uk a UK based supplier of decent quality straps, bracelets and accessories at really competitive prices. It all started when I decided to stick a leather strap on my Omega (for a bit of fun and to breathe a bit of new life into an old timer!). I started looking around (at Hirsch etc) and after much deliberation I then came across www.watchworx.co.uk. Out of curiosity as much as anything else, I stuck in an order for http://tinyurl.com/8fd4xkd (in blue) and three days (and just £14.00 GBP) later it arrived. I was literally blown away. In short, what would have cost me £50.00 (Hirsch) cost a fraction of the price, and the quality is comparable. I was so impressed, I place another order. This time I opted for a 22mm (again to reinvigorate an old beater). My second order was for http://tinyurl.com/9xz7yqc unfortunately, unlike the first time, a week went by and I hadn’t received my strap. So, I contacted the seller and explained the situation. Without fuss, the next day, a replacement was received by me (and the strap is just as good as the first I ordered). All in all, a great service, quality products and nice people to deal with. Highly recommended. Pics are of my watches with their new straps (on!) both from www.watchworx.co.uk Enjoy and stay well everyone. rclough
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