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  1. Hi quys, Im looking for source for a gold filled or wrapped oyster bracelet for a 5-digit or 6-digit Gmt or Sub. - I asked Riyi but he said that he hasn't those bracelets - I asked perfect clones but he said he has no chance to get them - I asked Sead from supermirrors and he said he hasn't wrapped bracelets. Hop u can give me some information. Thank u
  2. Its a common problem. Chs or sa 3135. Send it back
  3. Matt is a great builder. But you have to pay much more, but u get gen parts. You can go wit the BP Daydate (asian 2836). You can change the bracelet and order one from riyi, an ebay seller. Good plated or wrapped bracelets.
  4. SSTEEL from Finland did a great Job on my franken Datejust TT. He modded also my JF Yachtmaster Rolesium. I dont know if he is in this Forum
  5. Which maker was the watch before the built? Do you use your old bracelet? The dial is awesome!!!!!
  6. Hi guys, I need one of this strap for my Yachtmaster in a reptile finish. I dont wanna pay the price for a Everest strap (220 plus shipping). Maybe you can help me with a source pls. I need these typical nipples to install my Rolex clasp. Thank u! Bye Mecko
  7. Hi guys, I am looking for a leatherstrap for my Yachtmaster 1. Reptile look. But I need one of those bands with Nipples ( sorry )!! Can find any good. Cand find any reptile straps. Is there a source! Hope there is held 4 me! Meck
  8. Thax StoneP. My feeling said, it is a aftermarket bezel with non Rolex diamonds.
  9. HI friends & happy New Year, i have seen a Datejust with diamonds bezel and diamond dial in Eidhoven, Netherlands. I dont know nothing about Datejusts. So what do you think? Is it real or fake? My lady couldnt make better Pics. Tha Owner had a problem with. Price is 2700 Euro. Thanks
  10. Here is no td u sell a bracelet, not in leather and not in rubber. Had asked 8 td's.
  11. Hi fellas, I had bought a Yachtmaster Everose with 2836-2 for a really good price. It is new and unworn. But the problem is, I hadn´t checked if the "wannabe Oysterflex" fits. I doesnt fit. my wrist is too small. Now I am looking for a cheap Oysterflex in my size , Rubber B or a Reptile Leatherstrap(like on the Daytonas with endlinks), but i want to use the Yachtmaster clasp. Is there a Source? Hope you guys can help me. I am located in Europe! Regards Mecko
  12. Hi friends, i am looking for a President bracelet for a midsize Datejust, 31mm. Cant find one. Just the bracelets for the normal Datejust models. Is there any Source? I ´ve heard Riyi002 have some bracelet. Hope u guys can help me thx Addi
  13. YES STEEL, that would be great. I have sent you a PM. Thanks
  14. Hi folks, my Yachtmaster Rolesium got a crooked 9 Marker. It bothers me so much. I couldn´t see it on the QC´s. I dont want to send it back. Because i cant wait 2 month. Is it easy to fix? How much should I pay to watchsmith to fix it? Hope you guys can give me some Informations! bye Meck
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