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  1. They look right!!! Perfect. But with the new Jf...? Will be the same?
  2. If I buy the jf case and I remove the rehaut, I have a 16800 no? But my question is... The holes will do in the right position? And not more up or left.. Etc...
  3. Hi, and what about to drill the case of newest jf 16610?
  4. Hi, and what about to drill the case of newest jf 16610?
  5. Perfect, I have to change project. I suggested this way for the dwo, nowadays there aren't good open 6&9
  6. Hi guys, I'm reading and reading.. But I have a question for who have more experience than me.. The rolex 1665 drsd use a 1575 rolex caliber who is 28.5mm diameter and 6.30mm Thickness... The rolex caliber 3135 is 28.30 and 6.00 thickness.. My question is the following : the Sh 3135 movment Can fit in a 1665 Vietnam case? Thanks
  7. Is possible do some mods for have it more lighter in color? I had one and is too much dark silver
  8. Really good work, but I saw a gen silver date wheel and isn't that metallic color. Try to do one with white color, on the net is only possible find white dwo but with thinner font than the gen
  9. I mean with eta movement, where you find a really good open 6&9 date wheel?
  10. which date wheel do you put in your built?
  11. Guys where i can find a correct dwo for The 6542 project? ETA or dg movement.. Thank you
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