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  1. Ah I see! Thank you so much firstly for your help! So is it to.com? I am sorry I am such a noob ahaha. they send me these pics - I just saw the link ahaha sorry! Oh though on the TD site and Puretime both don’t have the glass back like on the original. Which this guy is offering 😩
  2. Sorry I have no idea when it comes to that. That’s what the seller told me. So I kinda copy paste. i am buying from a jeweler in China that make real gold replicas of Cartier, van cleef etc. and they do also real 18k replicas of watches. But I am interested in this one
  3. There’s one with the Sieko movement I mantioned above. And one with citizen movement. Both different prices so it’s making it harder to know
  4. Hi guys, I know you guys are pros. And I really need your help this time. i am thinking of buying these Richard Mille’s which supposed to be the best replicas. and cost about 1200-1300$ but I’d love your help which the quality and spotting issues (as I don’t wanna buy that and then realize it has mistakes). It’s using this movement - Swiss Seiko automaton core thank you so much for your help. Liam 339153B4-A4C1-4F9B-83B2-F2A6A365F7C1.MP4 7E24B9A7-2794-402D-BF42-A874B315C9AF.MP4
  5. Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying this daytona - http://www.intime.co/rollie/2891-daytona-116520-v2-bp-1-1-best-edition-white-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a4130.html any thoughts ? is there any better ? also I'm trying to find puretime site ?
  6. I understand what you're saying and I don't expect to be as high as a 90k gen. What I'm asking is do u see any visible flaws to the human eye.
  7. Hi, my brother ordered this watch and asked me to post here to see if there's any problems with the rep. thanks in advance !
  8. It seems fake to me... But I need some experts advise.
  9. Hi, so mine is the one with the leather strap and it's real. buy my friends are claiming that the other two are real... But when I held them they felt a little light... What do you think ?
  10. can you please just help me see if the rep is ok... and not if we like the strap color... ?
  11. Hi, I don't really know what to look for. so please help me find if theres something wrong with the watch - http://puretime01.com/royal-oak-offshore-2014-gray-theme-jf-11-best-edition-on-gray-leather-strap-a3126-free-gray-rubber-strap.html Thanks guys !
  12. Hi, can you please explain ? So I will let them know ? It's a 428$ rep... So it's the expensive one
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