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  1. Hi, and welcome to this forum. Read and enjoy
  2. LOL, my fantasy QE2 with black strap with gold stitching from Vic. Not a AP lover but found the black & gold contrast work well together , like the light weight of the titanium body. It was close to midnight & the date was changing over
  3. They are absolutely cool, have to get one and junk all my reps. Love the butterfly with a digital time, always wanted that, nice How can we live without one? not. only when hell freezes over.
  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with that one wear in good health and enjoy
  5. Welcome fellow Kiwi, you will find plenty to read and gain knowledge, enjoy
  6. Never seen a lemon face daytona, love it! Wear it with pride
  7. Happy Birthday kcawsey!

  8. Sounds like a loose rotor, pop off the back and have a look
  9. Excellent review, would never have picked up the tapered sides on the case As a matter of interest, how are the Noobs in comparison?
  10. Nice, if you can't fight it, go with the flow
  11. My vote is on Netherlands, must be there time
  12. Have you tried puretime, they had some last time I looked but can't remember if they had that exact model
  13. Lovely watch, thought it was a gen for a while
  14. Having read this thread, expecting OP to be ridiculed, but getting good friendly advise, I have put this forum as my No.1 and will have to apply for VIP If only I can find How?
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