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  1. It’s important that all feedback, good and bad, is openly shared. The trouble with allowing back door modders imho is that the feedback is hidden until the wheel comes off. Something very similar is happening at RWI with a modder washing his hands of any responsibility as soon as a watch left him. That one went missing, but still a solid reminder to be very careful who you send your stuff to and to stick with the vetted, trusted dealers.
  2. Isaac Cox? Any relation to Mike Oxlong? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. This is the v6 Noob sub (NOY the v6S), apparently the same as the v5 but with an upgraded dial. This one runs an A2836. I picked it up from Toro in his pre-CNY clearance sale for about $250. First things first this is a really, really nice watch. Out of the box it looks and feels genuine, it's as solidly built and smooth as my genuine TAG Aquaracer, with the exception of the rotor which is a little noisy. The dial is stunning, with colour changing from dark to light green and sparkling as the light catches it. The ceramic bezel also looks good although the colour seems a little washed out compared to the dial. I have no idea what a real one looks like but this looks stunning. The bracelet is very well made and solid feeling. One link had a fouled screw, which I simply removed - and I always have plenty of spares. There is the tiniest of SEL gaps which is well within my tolerance and better than some I have seen. Otherwise all seems in order. Markers look straight to me, date wheel looks nicely centred and the pearl is good to my eyes. I'd definitely a step up from my last Hulk, which was one of Reg's from a while ago and which had the old white numbers (now they are platinum, lovely!) and a 21J movement instead of the asian 2836 in this one. It's a grade A, which is good news. Not as good as AAA but still worthy! And it ha a bezel protector on it with N for Noob on it! Plenty of protective plastic, over every single edge and every single surfacePearl and triangle are well alignedNot had a platinum numbers model before. These are actually better finished than the ones in my genuine TAGThe crown is really crisp and well finishedNew dial with 'correct' 300 m spacing (Apparently, I can't tell the difference...)Date wheel alignment is the best I have had. Cyclops is really nice, easier to read than others I have had, maybe the AR coating?And a wristy:
  4. Very sad, there seems to have been more scammers on the boards lately, with even some good members going bad.
  5. Wow, maybe Seiko should make a domed mobster, it looks awesome
  6. Here you go: (Stolen from SSTEEL's post at RWG) More and more members are discovering they have been duped with a 2813 new breed movement POS instead of the advertised 2836-2 ETA clone, so much so, I have come across many, and have had the unpleasant task of informing the owners.I have labelled some photos to help one of my customers explain to the TD the differences between a eta clone, and a 2813, and thought I would post them here so you can check yourself too.Its quite easy to tell if you have a 2813 new breed fitted. The ETA, and 2836-2 ETA clone both have dial feet hook clamps, whereas the 2813 has dial feet screws.Another tell, is the balance area, there is a circular cut out, and no stampings whatsoever.Another tell is the auto wind bridge, but this is only noticeable when you remove it.Visually they look very similar, but they are far from it, the 2813 is a inferior movement, period.2014-06-02_2235 by Micky.!, on Flickr2014-06-02_2237by Micky.!, on Flickr2014-06-02_2237 by Micky.!, on Flickr2014-06-02_2239 by Micky.!, on FlickrUPDATE - Thanks to Raddave on our sister site, RWI, we finally know what this POS Clone is really called. Its a....SB1HRZ2 Plenty of info here: http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=79493&st=0 And here is GenTle's post This is just a refresh for those who may have forgot about this problem...Some of the pics have been taken one year ago from SSteel, some I've found on the web and modified later.Recently I purchased a watch from one of our member (IMPORTANT: I'm sure he didn't know about the fact that the movement was different than the one advertised by the TD), knowing it had some problem and thinking that I could have fixed it, supposing it to be an Asian Eta clone.Unfortunately, when I got it in my hands it turned out that it was not an Eta clone but something that looks similar but it's one of the most terrible movement I've happen to see.The "infamous" Z2 clone-of-clone, also called "new breed high beat asian", also called PieceOfShit (POS) movement. Real code is "SB1HRZ2":It was in this watch, misrepresented by one of our TD: http://www.tswatchlt...c-ss-a2836.htmlWell guys, STAY AWAY from that movement. It is really as bad as it can be. The escapement works fine (it can keep good time), but the rest is a disaster, starting from the terrible finishing of it.Just a quick refresh to see how you can spot it in the following pictures. Note that what I write about ETA is valid also for the real Asian ETA Clones like the Seagull ST211) the POS dial is kept in place by screws and not by hooks like in gen/asian ETA: h2) the click is very different and really as bad as it can be: on the POS is on the ratchet wheel, on the ETA is on crown wheel:3) the autowind bridge is also different: on the POS all the reverse wheels are not kept in place by a lower bridge, while they are on ETAThe first 2 points are the most recognizable out of the movement.Look carefully and you may spot some detail that will let you discover the POS signs, like here:Note that you can't just swap an asian ETA there because: hour or minute (don't remember) hand will be loose on the ETAdate wheel is totally different and will not fit the ETAAlso note that there are NO spare parts for it (and being a POS it doesn't even deserve them...) and also simple parts like the stem are not replaceable with ETA ones. http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=104215 GenTle has looked at the movement in this YM and confirms it is the Z2.
  7. Hi, actually the movement is a 'Z2'. It's a copy of the copy ETA movement. Copy of a copy, as I say in my post. Some members have found them in watches that supposedly have ETA movements. The dealers sometimes list it as a be breed high beat 2813 but it is not actually the same movement. It is lovingly called the 'POS' movement by some due to its high failure rate. It resembles a28xx movement in some ways but attaches with screws not clips and the click is in a different place. GenTle has a thread on it at the other. RWG, not sure if he has posted here too. SSTEEL is also familiar with them.
  8. Inside is a 'high beat 2813' which I understand to be the clone of a clone ETA 2824. Who knows about its longevity but it is ticking smoothly and date change is perfectly clicking at midnight so I am happy for the price. Bezel is Crisp, text is sharp enough for a watch at this price point and all the markers are on square, as is the cyclops which magnifies perfectly. I've never been interested in lume but I noticed this one lighting up brightly in a dim room so presume this is super lume, as described. Very nice. Overall I'd have been happy with this watch if it had been twice the price. For the money I paid its a steal. This is from Perfect Clones and cost £110 delivered.
  9. No, it's just how DG2813s work. Some are more obvious than others. Only known solution is to get a watch with a different engine under the hood! Here is some more info:
  10. I've had a few 21j movements that have done this. Apparently it is because the seconds hand is not directly driven and is just part of the nuance of the movement. I had a Regmariner that would stop when I moved my wrist, never lost time, but annoyed me enough that I flipped it.
  11. They have a certain amount of transactions you can do before you have to verify your identity, or link to a bank account. I did it about ten years ago and had no problems since.
  12. That's a good explanation there, thanks!
  13. I got the same, and having bought from both with mixed experiences wondered if it was legitimate.
  14. Mine is away having a flat crystal and a red second hand fitted. Love it. Closest to a gen 'feel' of any of my watches including the brilliant Black Bay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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