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  3. I got a very in depth response from him today.............. "not yet." His English seems to get worse once you've paid!! You've got to love him
  4. Toro isn't responding to me also, made an order with him over a week ago, communication upto payment was good as always, discussed delivery options because I was hoping to get it in time for a holiday, so paid extra for faster shipping. now its been over a week and i have heard nothing, its just a strap that he said was in stock so I'm not expecting qc pics but I have had no tracking details and no idea if he's dispatched yet, 2 emails with no reply, I have a friend who's made an order in the last few days successfully so he's happy to respond for new sales! Its not good that he just ignores your emails
  5. Its 2 different watches and even the document holder is completely different in the 2 pics! But it comes with papers and receipts so there is probably nothing to worry about.............
  6. Toro has the "noob" submariner, and he is great to deal with, you won't find many noob watches on Trusty T
  7. Like the title says, I would post in the Auction/scam area but I could be wrong, let the Rolex experts decide http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rolex-Submariner-Stainless-Steel-/201170600248?ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:1123
  8. Why people get so hung up about PayPal I have no idea, you're buying counterfiet goods, the sellers taking a risk already, maybe we should take a little too, after all they are trusted for a reason. I got 10% off for using western union, used a promo code on western union so saved the full 10% with no fees to pay! Winning Ja feel?
  9. @marrickvilleboy your inbox is full mate I can't message you
  10. Well his time graph machine was a clock on the wall! Im not sure he serviced it, when he opened the watch he was impressed with the movement an then he asked me what was up with it, I said nothing and that I just wanted it serviced as I have been told they aren't the best when they come out of the factory, easy $95 for him to just say he had serviced it and give it me back, I only found him by google search and the results came back with people on repgeek recommending him, the recommendations where hit & miss but I went for it Is the power reserve something that can be fixed?
  11. Hi, Recently bought a LMPO noob with a A2824 movement, the watch is great, I took it for a service the first week I had it to a guy called George Yoon on Pitt Street in Sydney for $95 and kind of wish I hadn't, he put a few scratches on the case back and "serviced" it, only I'm not sure he did a very good job, the movement is noisy as hell when Im wearing the watch, the power reserve is about 22 hours and it is fast by about 20 secs a day, is this normal? am I expecting to much from a rep? He was impressed by the quality of the movement when ho opened the watch up. One worry is when I went to collect it he looked up at the clock on his wall then at my watch and said "yep. ok" and handed it me!! I could always take it back and complain but the watch itself is great and I don't want him messing it up, can anyone recommend a rep friendly guy around Sydney? If I was to swap the movement out, would it take a gen ETA or even a Sellita? Thanks
  12. I think I could of probably got the word "movement" in a few more times there....
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