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  1. ok but I think alot of pain for not much gain? The cartel watch is only US$120 plus shipping. You can case, bezel, and bracelet.... Anyway good luck with it all
  2. can I ask you why after everyone has provided you feedback on the rubbish case, are you still using it for a project? Looking that the retainer / rehaut, it doesnt appear to be one suitable for a plexi - that looks more designed for a sapphire. Google what a genuine 5513 case looks like and you will see what i'm referring to. Why don't you buy a cartel 5513? the case is constructed similar to a genuine watch and not expensive. It will also come with hands and dial which you could recycle.
  3. the rep ones aren't very good so best to pick up used insert. You could also try WSO for their black SMP insert.
  4. Been meaning to share this project but better late than never. Background on this is I found this watch posted for sale locally here in Australia - it came without a bracelet. It was a non-runner with damaged bezel, stripped crown and dial has seen some water damage. Picked it up for under U$500 so thought worth a fix up! Here's a picture pre-repair. As you can see - not in great shape. Here's a picture post-repair. Replaced the insert, serviced the movement (no real damage) and replaced the crown and tube and added a genuine bracelet. Hope you guys like it.
  5. Only the closed factory ones actually get close to genuine. One of the biggest tells of the black SMP was the wrong HEV position and the pearl in the bezel. If you are not picky, you can pick up a used quartz Black SMP - they pretty much fit the bill
  6. what have you done with the 593 endlinks? snipped off the ears?
  7. seiko LMs are great watches! good one
  8. No real good 93150 bracelet contenders to be honest. All have their flaws. Best to pick up a used genuine.
  9. @Nanuq Considering we have now confirm his is a scammer - why can't we name and shame him publicly? At least it will warn other members if they ever deal with him.
  10. thanks guys Not hard to switch back - the lume on the new insert pearl is bugging me though since the dial and hands no longer glow!
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