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  1. Damn. The rehaut on the MBW case is DEEEP. holy crap! I thought I had a bunch of rehaut milling to do for my JF but that’s seems fine after seeing this. You could try putting a overlay on top of the VR datewheel. That’s pretty much what JF, ARF does with their clone movements and they work fine. Here’s one a RWG member made. https://rwg.cc/datastore/attachments/monthly_09_2012/post-10838-0-68609200-1347931856.jpg It’s still have the flat top 3s but it’s still vintage. I would think printing on a semigloss paper would work. You just don’t get the raised printing. (Does 16800s even have raised printing?) I don’t remember. My build is just gonna have the modern gen datewheel. It’s just easier and I can live with closed 6s and 9s. I’ll just not wear it on those days. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My milgauss and a recently acquired Yachtie.
  3. Still at it eh? Hehe id go with the SELs.
  4. Here's one of my favs. Minor modding. I wanted to lume it but those numbers scare me. lol
  5. the other day, i was searching for some things and i kept seeing links to this forum. the whole time i was thinking "damn.. is there yet ANOTHER RWG???" love the new look
  6. and with the font spacing, im assuming youre talking about the 300m and the 300 m bit.. again, the gens have different variations so its correct on the rep. you may want to do some more reading before posting.
  7. i dont think the crystal is flush with the bezel on the gen buddy. see?
  8. that is a BEAUTIFUL dial. shame its got a ton of eyes on it. i have a feeling the price is about to start climbing..
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Clark-Sapphire-crystal-for-Rolex-25-295C-2-295C2-25-295C2-/231574350860?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35eae82c0c id go gen but if you dont want to do that, i think clark makes a solid crystal. i think it comes with a new gasket too.
  10. ^^^ im with him. i think its prob the AR coating unless its pretty deep or your keys have diamond tips.. if its just the AR, you can buff out the rest of the AR and have a clean looking crystal. as for replacing, you could try contacting a TD. ryan at intime was always helpful if i needed parts.
  11. ^^^ seems like some people need it fully laid out. Step 1. Remove bezel. Step 2. CAREFULLY remove the click spring and take off the tension washer. Step 3. Remove retaining ring around crystal. if you dont have the proper tools, this can be done very carefully with a Xacto knife and a thin screwdriver. just be sure to tape up the case so it doesnt scratch. Step 4. Remove crystal + Gasket from either the case or the retaining ring. Step 5. Clean the hell out of new crystal with something that produces as little lint as possible. i find the little cloths for your eye glasses works best. Step 6. With a blower or keyboard duster, get all the dirt and lint off the underside of the crystal. (This sounds easy but itll). - Check under a bright light to be sure its crystal clear. wearing gloves helps this process move a little faster. Step 7. Attach new crystal to new gasket and align it on the case. Step 8. Attach retaining ring to the top of the crystal and push down as far as you can with your hands. Step 9. Tighten (if you can push the retaining ring all the way down with your hands, you probably need a new gasket. - A Crystal press works best but if you dont have one, you can DIY one for fairly cheap. - DIY Crystal press (pretty ghetto but it works) : just go to your local hardware store and pick up a PVC pipe that fits perfectly over the retaining ring and a C-Clamp. Cut the pipe to about a inch tall. Cover the edge with masking tape or something that wont scratch the retaining ring. Put the piece of pipe over the retaining ring and lay a block of wood (anything flat and hard) over the pipe and cloth on the bottom of case. Get a C- Clamp and put it over the block of wood and the bottom of the watch case so nothing gets scratched. tighten. Step 10. realize you missed some dust and finger print on the under side and start over. this may happen a few times if its your first time. Step 11. Attach tension washer, click spring and bezel. Step 12. Admire your new crystal from every angle and second guess it being straight over the date window.
  12. Bc1221

    fading dial?

    I wouldn't bleach the dial.... Not unless you want a sterile dial at the end of it..
  13. absolutely amazing work!! now i REALLY want to convert my TC in a 16800....
  14. women dont really give a crap about watches these days... i think i met 1 woman in the last...10 or so years that actually even noticed my watch. reason being...she worked at a AD for a few brands and was wearing a breitling. really knew her [censored] too. shame she was married.
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