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  1. Happy Birthday modificata!

  2. AP ROO Diver V7 fully modded by Domi

    Wow looks stunning!
  3. My first AP!

    Nice kaleidoscope picture. Looks very cool. I have a J12 version on order and can't wait for it to arrive.
  4. Ordering from AP Puretime

    I actually prefer the clasp to a buckle so on this I'm putting on a gen Hornback and clasp. With it though I have a rubber strap and clasp coming as I may use this on my Diver.
  5. My first AP!

    Great looking watch. Congrats
  6. Ordering from AP Puretime

    QC pics from today
  7. What happened to that other site?

    lol. I didn't want to get told to stand in the corner. The site is still down. Hopefully back up soon
  8. Hopefully not sinful to mention RWI. Anyone know why it's down? I've not been able to get on for about 1-2 days
  9. Ordering from AP Puretime

    Thanks. I've ordered it based on all the positive feedback. Look forward to receiving it!
  10. Ordering from AP Puretime

    No worries. Order placed. Hopefully have a new safari soon. Means the old one will be up for sale
  11. Ordering from AP Puretime

    Not sure I get your joke! I got the pics from their website.
  12. Modded ROO RB2

    Legend. That's a stunning piece. Is your deployment from AP?
  13. Ordering from AP Puretime

    Better pic to show dial colour and texture on rep
  14. Looking to pick up a Safari from Puretime today. Never ordered from them before but read good things. Here are original and rep pics. Also picked up an AP Hornback and clasp yesterday too A few questions though. I've emailed and PM'ed Puretime on a number of occasions with no reply. Do they reply back to messages? How long does it usually take to receive the watch? I'm in the UK. Have the dial colour issues been resolved on the latest J12? Thanks!