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Noob To Rep Watch Collecting

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Greetings from Singapore, 5 hours drive from KL, Malaysia and 2 hrs plane ride from Bkk. (Just wanna imply how close I am to rep havens of Southeast Asia...)

I'm really new to the scene of reps. Started off when I lost my gen Tag 2000 Exclusive Automatic Chrono two months ago (long sad story but it sparked a new hobby) when I decided owning a gen does not mean anything more than real hurt when you lose it. True that gens have real values but the monetary value of the watch will only diminish and sentimental value will kick in after years of wearing it. (Which is exactly the kind of pain that pinched me).

Anyway, below are some of the pics I took of my month-old sub rep which I got from a local dealer.

(Tell me what's wrong with it...)





The other gen watches I own:

Omega Speedmaster Date

Baume et Mercier Capeland Chorno 39MM

Rolex Airking

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Your Sub is not a bad rep. Looks like the old "TW case Sub" to me. A classic rep!

The biggest flaws are the crown guards, m and M alignment on the dial and a bit overraised hour markers. If you're not obsessed about Submariner I'd just enjoy the rep, it's a decent one. :)

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Ok crown guards look too fat, M's don't line up, pearls shit, top printing looks to low, I'm betting theres a reason why we can't see the date etc etc...............anyway I'll leave the rest to the experts.

Welcome to RWG and please don't tell me you want to start selling here. :)


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ID: 4   Posted (edited)

Thanks guys!

No I'm not a dealer. I'm just a collector who has recently gotten into the fever for reps. This rep sub is my virgin rep... So I guess I'd keep it. Sorry, By-Tor...

I think I'd need to take a few more shots of this virgin baby of mine. Pardon for bad photography... I'm equipped with only a digital autofocus... not SLR.

The biggest flaws that bother me with this rep is the oversized M on the dial. It is a tad fatter than gen ones. But it's still a great watch! The bezel M actually does line up, I just didn't click it up properly. Oh btw... this bezel has nice 120 clicks. It's just a bit loose.

The best thing I like about it is the weight and bracelet. The bracelet is also nicely polished... naturally! It didn't look like this when I got it. It just got brighter everyday I wear it!!! (Now this is what I call 'Beauty As You Age').

The weight... now that's an important factor for me. I needed the weight of a heavy watch to replace the weight of the lost Tag. This rep fits the gap. It's a heavy one though the bracelet feels a bit light. I have been told that gen sub bracelet are also light and tinny. Is it true?

(... do I qualify to be an ametuer sub fanatic now?)

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I have a question on the SEL on gen 16610.

I've noticed that most sub reps out in the market have end links molded from a single piece of steel. On the other hand, the SEL on my so-called TW rep seem to be 3 pieces joined together, just like how SEL of TT bracelets are made.



See the lines defining the 3-pieces?

Compare this to the links of some of our favorites sub reps...

TTK's 16610

Which is the way a gen 16610 bracelet SEL is made? Single-piece or triple?

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