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So is NOOB "gone for good"? (Raids)

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Came across this posting from Angus (PT).  GMF, NOOB, and V6 have been mainstays over the years.



"April 28, 2021

As you may know there was a severe raid in the replica watch industry, it is the biggest raid we have ever seen so far, many factories / makers stopped delivering and we had to relocate our QC and Shipping deprtments for safety reasons.


We decide to stop taking new orders until most makers are back to work.


80% of the watch makers are not working and we still have some pending orders to ship, we will arrange as soon as the makers start to deliver again, sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.


Here is the delivery availability of the major makers:


Closed and probably not opening again: GMF, TBF, NOOB, V6F, V9F, JBF, Green Maker;


Closed and will reopen: AR, JF, VS, XF, VRF, KZF, OXF;


Available for delivery: EW, ZF, GF."

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I've been told differently. DJF is still operating, GMF is still operating using Clean Factory bezels on their mediocre GMT masters and charging a few hundred extra... id like to know which factory still produces a Submariner or GMT Master of equal quality of the ARF and VRF watches of long lost. They say those factories will still reopen... id love to see that happen but raid by corrupt police usually means paid off and nothing disturbed, or burned to the ground. If they were able to pack up a factory's worth of custom machinery and sneak off into the night.... that would be a fit of engineering. I dont know how they manufacture in China, but with so many manufacturers competing rather than sharing with each other the elite products they each produce... sounds like a devastating blow and one that isn't just gonna be back to business shortly. We can only hope. Anybody got a lead on a manufacturer with a high quality Submariner, turn an old rep head on to a new TD. 


Cheers all. 

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2 hours ago, mysterytour said:Anybody got a lead on a manufacturer with a high quality Submariner, turn an old rep head on to a new TD. 


Yeah. The VSF 216610 is amazing. There are posts about it in the Rolex forum here. 

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The VSF 216610, I agree, is the nicest Datejust besides gen, I've ever laid hands on. I like to actually wear all my watches, gens and reps alike.. if a watch is rated 300m or made by an elite factory, it should be able to withstand some abuse. The one complaint I have about both the rep and gen datejust, even on oyster, is the amount of play in the clasp where it contacts your wrist. There is one tiny pin holding the narrow end to the buckle, and it will stick to a moist wrist and shift easier than the whole watch. As a chef, I need watches that you could dunk in boiling water if you felt the need.  Without the flip lock clasp, the DJ just sticks and seems to have too much play when trying to adjust to wash hands, keep out of mess, wipe.. and that makes me nervous that one small point of contact will be the first to fail. And its not just a spring pin fix like the oysters of old. Gorgeous watch with the best detail I've seen yet in DJ rep, but If I can't abuse it as much as I desire without concern its not a watch for me. Thus my desire to sell. I do love that I can leave it on the nightstand for a full weekend without having to adjust or unscrew the crown, thanks to the 3235. I want to keep it, but I fund my collections with my collections, this is my way of not feeling guilt for getting myself toys rather than my wife and kids. I wish I could have gotten my hands on one of the ARF 116610's w AR3135 before the raids made them vanish off the market, ARF has the best sub and GMT case construction IMO. 

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