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Gen Tudor 7928 expert opinions wanted


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Hi all,


Not been around much over the last couple of years but would love if you could chime in with regards to a gen 1967 Tudor 7928 I’m looking at.


In short, according to seller:

- service dial

- not sure on hands

- original crown

- bezel insert?

- not original bracelet but a gen 6251 Swiss jubilee 1970 code with 55 ends


Any thoughts on the parts and or worth?


Let me know if the post is in the wrong place.














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I have more experience with Rose Tudor Sub dials & based on the Timegrapher output, it needs an overhaul. But other than that, based on the pics, it looks gen to me.
As always, buy the seller BEFORE you buy the watch!

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Looks good. If it resonates with you go for it and take it to a reputable watchmaker for service. Budget $300+ if all it needs is a clean and oil. Or factor a spare/replacement movement from lesser known model with same.  

Alternatively. Don't service it and wear it on those non critical time keeping days. 


Edit to add the 330 movement isnt the greatest. You may want to steer towards ETA based Tudors imstead if serviceablity/reliability are your thing. 

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On 6/29/2024 at 11:48 AM, Ylfig said:

It’s from this guy who seems to have a fairly good reputation from what I can see on TRF.

I am not on instagram, so you are on your own there. I would avoid buying Rolex/Tudor on sites that do not post both seller history & buyer ratings (eg, ebay). Unless a seller has a long , documented history of Rolex/Tudor sales & a long documented list of satisfied Rolex/Tudor buyers, you are playing Russian Roulette.

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