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Where to buy a Noobmariner


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Hello everybody out there,

I've read a lot about the Noobmariner for 100$ that every Collector has to have.

But i didn't find it anywhere to buy.

Can someone please tell me (and also other interested people) where the Noobmariner

can be bought?

Thanx for an answer



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Well...you could tell him where to buy a Nymphomariner......but he's not looking for one of those.......he's looking for a Noobmariner......get back in line....until your number is called.......:D

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I am sorry if i've done something wrong.

I am new at this forum and maybe you have some rules here

how to get in contact. I really don't know them.

All i want is to buy the watch that is called "Noobmariner" in the forums.

And maybe a Milgausse rep, a MBW AP ROO steel and a nice Ladies Watch as a birthday present for my girlfriend.

Excuse me if i didn't have the required courtesy to get in contact with the holy sellers.


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@Ap....you've done nothing wrong....just that I've been inundated with e-mail recently.....plus having to go to Bangkok every 2x days......little time to respond to mails...but you'll have response today.....:D

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Nymphomariners are the self same watch as all cognoscenti recognise......the only difference being Nymphos come quicker and come with email answers

Yeah.....Nymphomariners are the same....and yes they do come quicker......but they gve less satisfaction.....and usually carry some sort of disease.......like NWD......!

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Beginmariner: DG2813 copy movement... correct rate... else is the same!

Narikaas Nymphomariner is the same watch as the noobmariner... but

Narikaas watches are located in UK... price shipped: 65GBP

TTK ships from Thailand... but can forward over UK... price then...61GBP... (the 61GBP might not be correct... check again with TTK please ;P )

Narikaa usually responds and ships faster.

TTK waterproofs his Noobmariners to 2ATM... but... these watches are all water'resistant'..at least MINE was...!

I have had a Nymphomariner and a Beginmariner now... quite the same!

Great watch by the way!

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Oh yeah I have more information... the Noob/Nympho movement is 21.600vph... Beginmariner is 28.800vph...28.800 is CORRECT for the Submariner!

This new 28800 seems to be quite reliable... but the 21600 in the noob is also very reliable!

Choose whatever fits your needs

or get this nice watch here for sale:


Cheaper than all the other 3 offers...;P

Now this time you have REALLY choice! Good luck...!

Come on guys, give AP a break and make him a nice offer with a free nympho :)

:thumbsupsmileyanim: :thumbsupsmileyanim:

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Yes....no comms......but at least a Worky Watch received......ye canny wear an e-mail on your wrist laddie......well you can....but it isn't water resistant.....:lol:

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  • 11 years later...

Hey, it was a great watch back then, By-Tor. I think you did an extensive review on it. My first sub was a Euromariner from Chris, at Eurotimez. Remember him. Great dealer,

That sub morphed into an MBK case, from Chris, then into a TC case, and then got an a3135 movement with gen dial and all that. There is probably some DNA from that old watch in my parts box somewhere...maybe even in the watch...case clamp or something.

I’m thankful to RWG for 11 great watches that I have built, over the past ten years, with information from these master builders.

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