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Tag Aquaracer Auto Problem (asian Movement)


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I received a Tag Aquaracer Automatic today, a replacement of a defective watch from Neil.. (btw thanks Neil for holding your promise)

But I have yet another problem. The movement seam to stop every time the second hand is between 55 and 5 ( or 11 / 1 if you prefer) The balance wheel stop completely each time the second hand arrive to the 53-57 (never the same) I shake it a bit and it restart, but will stop 3 to 5 time again. So it can stop at 53, 55, 58, 2, 3.. Never the same. Once the second hand have passed the 5 marker (or 1) it will work OK until it come back to 55 marker.

I worn this watch a bit, I manually wind it. I don't think it's a " lack of power" problem. The hands don't touch themselves (all 3 are well cleared and the second hand don't look to touch the crystal.

I had a similar problem with a Seiko Power reserve movement. The balance wheel stopped 2 time the first day, but after that everything was fine. I have this watch for over 8 months now and it run nicely and accurate (more accurate than my ETA)

I'm a bit clueless.

Edit: The watch have a Hack feature. When the second hand stop, I pull out the crown, put it back and it do the same as "shaking it". but it still stop 3 to 5 time between the same markers.

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Update: It's not at every minutes. The movement can run for 2 minutes sometime, but it lose 2-3 seconds in that 2 minutes. After that, it stop for sure.

Also it stop anywhere from 10 marker to 1 markers. (a bit wider than this morning)

Toasted movement ?

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Was working fine when it left me.....after all your kerfuffle...I wouldn't want a repeat......take it to a watchsmith.....remote diagnostics and repair just don't work over the Internet.....!

PS....read The Zigmeister's editorials....DO NOT shake the watch......maybe you should take up stamp collecting.....you know...non-mechanical thingies.....!

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Shaking wasn't really the good word. Rotating the watch back and forward would be more accurate.

Thanks for your suggestion about stamp collecting, but I'm not that dumb Neil, even if you love to point it out. More like a language barrier and a bad choice of word. I wish I had a digicam that could take movies (just have a DSLR) I would at least proof I'm not a liar (like I'm sure you think I am) But that wouldn't change anything anyway.

But I agree with you, after 7 months of waiting and all that kerfuffle (always need a weird words dictionary on hand when I read one of your message) I think I will shut up and take the lost. Notice I didn't tried to contact you about this problem ? I try to find a fix myself and not border you. But again, that won't exempt me from being insulted by you. Anything we do, it's never fine and always our fault.

Lesson learned.

Now if someone have an Idea about this problem, I would appreciate.

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@eric....I'm not trying to insult you....youre doing a very good job of that without my help.......you can only have had the watch a day or two from the time that I posted it.....I checked this watch very carefully on my watch winder...as I do every automatic watch.....see photo enclosed.....and it ran perfectly......now in the grand scheme of things it would be ideal if these watches when they are packed and posted could be handled with kid gloves....but they're not.....postal workers throw these into sacks that are held up by a metal framework......if your packet bounces off the metal frame......there's a good chance it may suffer some damage.....and you need to accept that that can happen.......but that's not the point.......having received the watch and found the fault....why not just take it to a watchsmith......and have him look at it......as it is....you post on here once again regarding a transaction with me....and it begins to look like I'm messing you about....not only that..but you're crying out for empathy....when you say .." I take the loss".......I don't see any loss.....at present you have 2x watches from me for $95.00......a working TAG Aquagraph......( the bezel clicks when you push it"....OK so don't bloody push it........"the link at the lugs is stiff and binds".....so use some WD40........."....and a TAG Aquaracer automatic.....that has a small running problem......but NO....you wanna come on here and bump your gums......over what ...a $65.00 disposable watch.......you end up with a 3 page topic......that's just [censored].....!

Nobody here can give you an idea of how to repair it.......all they can do is sympathise and suggest......but if you're too stingy to take it to a watchsmith and would rather do it on the cheap....then so be it....but at some point in time.....YOU ...like others are going to have to take some responsibilty for the maintenance of the watches that you buy.....they're mechanical objects and are subject to failure....and do require maintenance....ask yourself the question....what would I do if this was 9 months down the road....would you expect your dealer to repair it....( and I'm NOT suggesting that YOU think I should repair it ).......I don't think so.....you'd need to find a watchsmith to do it..........so the answer at present is simple......take it to a watchsmith....and that should be the end of the matter....!


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TTK you must get your house in order, I myself have received this email off one of my customers about you not meeting expectations:

"I ordered a watch off TTK (Neil) which I have now received.

Before making the buy I made e-mail enquiries to confirm all the details on his listing and everything else

that occurred to me to need clarification (some 487 in total).

After correlating all the replies and ensuring all matters were answered satisfactorily I checked how to effect

payment via PayPal.

I simultaneously clicked the PayPal button and sent an e-mail demanding the tracking # for my package. I

received a tardy reply to this (next day!) giving me the #.

I checked the online track & trace every 15 minutes for the following 5 (five) days only to find that US

Customs had in fact by then seized the packet!!!

I contacted Neil to tell him this was unacceptable.

He caught the next available flight from Thailand, took a Hertz hire car from the airport to the customs

office, beat the crap out of the officer concerned and retrieved my watch. Within a further half a day he had

arrived at my door with the watch.

Some two hours after I had sent him packing I still could not figure out how to work the watch (dead

battery from what I could see) - nevertheless a message via Skype to his mobile phone got him hotfooting it

back to explain to me the mysteries of rotors & things .

I think he is totally unreasonable, arrogant, unresponsive and his cavalier attitude to his customers totally

unworthy of the $30 or $40 he pockets from each of these deals."

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@ Poly...( now there's food....).......I wasn't suggesting that Vric was dumb...( he thinks I was )......I was suggesting that some people have little luck with mechanical objects....cars / cameras / watches etc etc.....so he may want to consider stamp collecting as an alternative......!

This hobby of collecting watches is fraught with potential for damage / non-functioning pieces etc etc.....but still some members do NOT take that into consideration when buying a watch.....I see posts from members almost daily...asking..."how do I wind an automatic watch"...."how do I remove the crown"....'what is the small hand for....what is the big hand for'?...."the clasp is broken"!....oh yeah..."in watch circles they call that a springbar...and it's only missing"...........quite frankly....it's like someone asking ...OK..now that I've got the 686.......where do I put the bullets......frightening....a large number of members buy the 5 letters on the dial...with almost no consideration for what it is they have actually bought......a mechanical timepiece....!

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