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  1. JBond

    Your Watch unlocks your car......

    With 37K$ I'm buying a Nissan 350Z
  2. JBond

    Is this Swiss or clone ETA?

    Never saw that before but that can be interesting...
  3. JBond

    Got Seamasters?

    What a pretty collection! Nice job!
  4. JBond

    Is this Swiss or clone ETA?

    It's a clone! No holes on the little gears!
  5. JBond

    It's Official!

    When people bought Gen and Rep what kind of person are they? Hybrid?
  6. Welcome here! I bought 3 watches in one year and now I'm looking for a new one
  7. JBond

    Replica Quality in 2009

    Hello, First, you have to read By-Tor's guide to get some info about Omega watches and your model. Second, the watch you're looking for on your link is very bad: Bad CG's, bad pearl, HE valve is to big. If you are looking for a good quality watch by only swiss version. Finally, if you are in UK, you can buy to UK dealers like PT (www.ptswiss.com) for example. J.Bd
  8. JBond

    Tourneau sample sale--NYC Feb. 7-12

    I know a friend who bought a OMG Seamaster at Tourneau. A very good shop!
  9. JBond

    Strange seamaster on ebay

    I'm not sure but this watch can be a fake one http://cgi.ebay.fr/MONTRE-DE-PLONGEE-THETA...%3A1|240%3A1318 (LOL!)
  10. JBond

    Review of my Speedmaster date

    Very nice watch!
  11. He have the PO 42mm. Speak with the guy
  12. PO on NATO is the real Bond's watch for me... Really Nice!
  13. JBond

    A few UPO pics.

    UPO is a GREAT watch!
  14. JBond

    Just some pics of my Omega Seamaster.

    The lume is very good!
  15. JBond

    Strange seamaster on ebay

    A very bad watch ! http://watchesdirect.myshopify.com/product...ster-watch-blue
  16. JBond

    Strange seamaster on ebay

    With a difference, Invicta is a very good brand!
  17. JBond

    Strange seamaster on ebay

    Yes I know but the watch look funny
  18. JBond

    help with version of SMP 007 Bond

    Yep but this one is a gen... very beautiful watch!